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5/8/03 ~ Beginnings of the Mind Revolution

Perhaps the prescription for restlessness is to just give in to the moment and see where it takes you.  I know I'm ready to venture off into realms that will take me to the edges of my creative desires.  The brain is running on massive amounts of caffeine and damn if it don't feel good!

And Don't We Feel Electric?

I talk to my friend Ed.  He inspires me with his mind for scifi.  I want to slap all of us for not getting our shit together to pool our creative minds and just get things going.  The path must be blazed...  Lelly, Ed, and yours truly, did get together to talk about character and storyline development for my sci-fi idea a few months before my operation.  To me, it actually has more of a theological bent to it.  An excitingly funky ass kinda hip!!

Blanket Schizm...

  • So, I'm poppin' in the Lisa Marie Presley CD and want it to be the soundtrack for my next hour.  The creative juices are swirling and I'm taking steps.
  • I've received the first set of responses from an artist that I approached, via e-mail, asking if he'd like to be interviewed for my forthcoming site,  I'm thinking that I'm going to upgrade this site as the "sister site" chronicling how things are being put together.  I've received positive responses all across the board from everyone that I've approached - and don't that make me feel like a clam that has been saved from the bake?
  • Came up with two new song titles that I won't post here just yet. I want to make sure that I have the actual piece of music recorded before I reveal.  I also came up with a real cool photo concept for "Primal America" and have realized that these two songs may be able to be combined with that project.
  • I started pulling together my paperwork to figure out where all of my expenses have been (and will be) allocated.  I'm really being judicious with the funds since I'm not sure as to how my economic picture will turn out.  Thank God for insurance during my rehab period (non-alcohol related, bitch - winkety winkers).
  • An order has been placed for a new laptop (did I just mention something about finances?***).  This will allow me to work on the page and articles from the dining room table...instead of working on my sister's computer.
  • I started my freebie online course through Barnes and Noble University.  Check out this link for more
  • Spoke to old friends, Jamie & Lou... I'm thinking about asking Jamie if she can visualize Michael the Archangel neets The Matrix.  They are both kikin' artists and I'd like to see if they can even find the time to entertain the thought.

Tomorrow, God willing, I'll recap what the hell has been happening over the course of the last few months.  I've been practicing my one-handed typing and it drastically needs to be improved.  So much to report here.


5/9/03  The Morning Peek

I stumbled across a Funny crap!  I especially enjoyed the piece on Chris Degarmo, formerly of Queensryche..  Check it out at  Make sure to visit the Geoff Tate-related link in the article.  It is the best review for a CD that I've read in a long time!

Until later...

A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.
George Bernard Shaw



A lot of stuff to report but I only have time to cover the basics...  Gary Dobry responded to my interview questions.  I laid out a preliminary page just to see how some of his art would look in a rough layout.  View the first version rough layout here --

Gary also submitted some additional info that will be added to the interview.  I should have another layout finished by the end of the week.

I also started working on my second "artist interview."  Kris submitted another "What the Hell" article also.  Matter of fct, it has gotten so busy that I've asked my BB Ed to be my first staff member.  He has enthusiastically accepted my offer.

6/30/03  ...Like Old Friends...

Have been working furiously on the laptop.   I've been trying to get my one-hand typing up etc.  The Radial nerve is slowing coming to life.  I'm making progress and it feels good.

I have launched a freebie site through my employer.  Visit  I have been transferring files from my old computers to this new laptop.  It has been interesting because it is like walking down memory lane.  



Updating the creative side of things?  You bet!  I've been juggling a million different things over the last few months.  And, before I came back to work, I was not sure how I was going to handle the change in time management  - or going from not really having to manage time to having to do it!  LOL!  

So, let's start with the look of this page.  I've changed the images on the page.  These are photos that I obviously touched up and added text to.  Nothing major but I still like them. 

The page is moving forward.  My pal Ed has been a tremendous help with proofing and support in general.  It seemed like things got bogged down but they are starting to move.  I  will have the creative team contribute to a blog tied to that site.  

The music side of things - finally, some movement!  I talked to my buddy Darren a month back.  He is interested in putting bass down to some tracks I'm working on.  Since I can't really play beyond a certain stretch, I've been trying to get creative with the arrangements on the synth I'm playing on.  I've only recently started playing as a way to get my stuff down and to exercise the right hand.  Two purposes served! 

As of the music itself... I'll describe it soon. 

Check out my fun page at  You'll see a kickass blog entry about a new friend, Mark.  He is a very talented musician.  Check out the blurb there or visit the link direct at  

You will also notice that I have added a different e-mail address at the bottom of this journal page. is a page that will outline some of the more emotionally complex journal and vent entries chronicling experiences that made me a stronger person.  It will also give you and indication of all the pivotal events that have brought me to this point in my life.  I guess I put it up because I needed a place that could be a forum for public analysis... maybe it just feels good to put things out there and have someone stumble across it (and find hope) in much the same way that I did almost ten years ago when I found  Justin.  His new site is at  He literally helped me to start the process of coming out and I'm thankful to him for that.  I even dropped him a line to let him know that he had such an impact on a total stranger.  He sent me a real funny letter about showing his Mom that her son had helped someone!  LOL!  He is also a cutie too!  Too bad he's several years younger and into red head's!!  *-)  He doesn't know what he's missing from this Lithuanian/Mexican man! 

Intensity - a photo that I retouched... again, simple but I like it!


Anyhoo, the "SB" page will be an interesting site... I hope! 

Sorry so long for the updates.  I literally started trying to jot stuff down in my notebook.  I might translate those items here so it will fill in the gap. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that though I did register the domain names, and .com... I decided to keep the Hub City association because I thought the logo was cool etc.  Plus, it represented the spirit of a "virtual place" and not a literal physical location.  I did not want it to seem geographically biased.  



Here we are at the beginning of another holiday season.  Of course, I am extremely grateful for all the blessings that this holiday stretch brings to mind.  Mainly the health of my family, my friends and myself...  It has been a good solid year of events.  So, thank God for the experiences that make ya' stronger.  

Now for new discoveries...  

Dan, the Technical Man, is a cool, intelligent and funny guy from the ol' place of employment. Visit because it's a clever piece of work (and frankly because I said so).  Check out his "Just A Salad" blog by clicking here.

I also found a page by a guy that is a graphic designer for The Oriental Trading Company.  His name is Max Riffner.  Check out his web page at

Above: Max Riffner

What's great about his site is that he chats about the creative process in putting together his own comic book.  He also describes the excitement behind actually putting together the project, finishing it and bringing it to the readers.  I look forward to getting it.  

Okay, I have to get to work on some things but I hope you check out some of these links because these guys are pretty happenin'.