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Grade Report - Final Grades

Autumn    2003- 2004

                    Location                     Dept                    Course        Description                                  Credits Attempted        Credits Earned        Grade        Course Type

                        M                           CHEM                      100            PEOPLE CHEM                                       3.0                                    3.0                    C                  U Grad

                        M                           ENG                          103            ENG COMP 1                                           3.0                                    3.0                    B+               U Grad

                        M                           HIST                         150            WEST WORLD                                       3.0                                    3.0                   A                 U Grad

                        M                           MATHS                   121            MATH FOR BUS                                    3.0                                    3.0                   C-                U Grad

                        M                           RELST                      101            REL AM CULT                                       3.0                                    3.0                    B-                U Grad



Credit Attempted

Credit Earned

Credit Points


Term 15.0 15.0 41.01 2.73
Credit Points 15.0 15.0 41.01 2.73


For total accumulative credit received from the institution including any transfer and/or advance standing credits - undergraduates may refer to the DAPR.


If you have received grades of Incomplete, F or No Report, or have less than a 2.000 accumulative gpa, please see your advisor to plan your next term.


Academic probation and review of records for possible dismissal action results when cumulative grade point average is (below 2.000 undergraduate student) or (below 3.000 graduate student).


Questions regarding an individual grade should be directed to your instructor.


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