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Goals of a forsaken war

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Point of View

   Vietnamization, the invasion of Cambodia and the My Lai Massacre are all a part of the powerful events that make up this world’s history. Each country had their own view on what the events meant and how they took place. First of all, the North Vietnamese think that this war is about the fight for their independence from France. They want to take over all of Vietnam because first of all they think it is their right and because they want to unite their people under one name. Secondly, the South Vietnamese also feel the same way about their country and people. Yet, the South Vietnamese do not want to go under the rule of a Communist regime set up by the north side. There is also prejudice between both sides much like South and North Korea. The French, on the other hand, view Vietnam as their colony and land because they conquered it a long time ago. The United States feels that North Vietnam should not take over the country because they would make it Communist and this would be hard to negotiate with in the world. They feel that a democracy is the best form of government. So, they try to help South Vietnam to take over the country. Secretly, they donate lots of things to this side and make sure they win. Meanwhile, Russia, the other major superpower at the time, was putting its hand into North Vietnam to promote the spread of Communism. In the end, geopolitics also played an important role in these events as well. two countries

   Much of the Cold War ideology still existed at the time, so it was more than likely it played an important role in these events. The idea that the better superpower would be the one that supported the better side was evident. For the United States and Russia, this wasn’t really a fight for independence or struggle for freedom, it was a competition. Basically, the United States supported the South and democracy, while Russia supported the North and Communism. Once again, these two countries were on opposing sides of a battle, which was not directly physical. Both sides wanted to win support of Vietnam, so they could eventually control the government there. It proved the fact that no country acts without thinking for itself first.

International response to the My Lai Massacre especially was huge. People all over the world watch as the images reeled in of the mass killings of hundreds of innocent civilians in Vietnam done by the United States. This ruined its image in the international community. All the killings created outrage against the United States of America and the war in particular. 




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