Last General Update:

Alpha Delta Kappa of the University of Southern California is a service and social oriented organization. ADKs place strong emphasis on actively contributing to the Asian-American community as well as promoting sisterhood, unity, and pride. Established in 1977, by our four founders Sherie Jew, Carolyn Nakaki, Arleen Yoshida Nakamura, and Pauline Chinn Wah. The traditions and integrity of the sorority are demonstrated through the enthusiasm and dedication of its members and will continue to flourish by instilling those same attributes in its new members of the next decades.

A unique aspect of Alpha Delta Kappa is that it is an "open" sorority. By being an open sorority, its membership is not limited to students of USC. ADK is a sorority which consists of members from various colleges and universities, throughout Southern California.

Becoming a member of Alpha Delta Kappa enhances one's own college experience, contributes to one's personal growth, and provides lasting friendships and memories.

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