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Rush Plays Race Card


Who says you cant learn anything from talk show radio?     As an on again off again follower of king ditto-head, I am in personal awe at the number of times I leave his show with a nugget of intellectual stimulation.   Much more appreciated are those times when his rants and innuendo’s carry me beyond to stimulation and through a wall of  conceived perceptions. There is no better example of this than Rush’s show of July 31st.   Until this show, I like most others, viewed Nigergate  as a simple case of presidential misleading and administrative incompetence.   The thought of juxtaposing this issue with race had never entered my process of attempting  to make sense of these strange events.   With the grace of  Rush’s groundbreaking insight, I have reached an understanding beyond my years. 

Rush started by carefully  to prefacing  this belief as purely a “possibility”.   But a Rush possibility reaches beyond a normal definition.   Later he claimed a 98.4% positive possibility rate during  a call-in discussion related to this subject.  I thus listened more intensely as he repeated his “Inferior Minority-Liberal Bias” dictum.   The genises of this dictum is that liberals feel threatened by intellectually successful minorities due to their strong beliefs in affirmative action which perpetuates an inferior minority stereotype.  Thus the liberal  mind spawns a liberal elite that views a world full of incompetence.   He stresses that “One of the hallmarks of liberal elite is that they and only they have any smarts. They and only they are qualified to lead; they and only they are sophisticated enough to understand what is to be understood. As they look out across the country, they see rampant incompetence and laziness. They have to. They have to.   . They have to look out over the country and see people who are in desperate need of sophisticated, qualified people to take care of them. Now, what have we always said that really is the secret definition of affirmative action from the liberal point of view? Remember, their point of view is, "You know, I may love you, but you can't get anywhere without me. You don't have what it takes to get where you want to go on your own," and "me" is the government. Me is a liberal. Me is some government-led-type institution.


Thus the elites (liberals, democrats) have a deep psychological agenda as they bring Condoleezza Rice into their  “crosshairs”  of suspicions. He then challenges the audience in his famous Rush rhetorical style by asking, .” Is it possible, my friends, that liberals look at Dr. Rice and see an affirmative action hire? Is it possible that liberals look at Dr. Condoleezza Rice and, in seeing an affirmative action hire, see incompetence? Is it possible they look at her and see somebody who can't do it right, who can't get it right, who is prone to screwing up, because that's how they view most everybody else - particularly in affirmative action programs?”   He then moves to the break with At the same time, it could be possible (I don't know how likely it is) that they look at her and see just what they see when they look at any other minority: somebody can't make it on their own, somebody that really isn't as smart as the P.R. or the buzz or the spin says. Somebody that's really not as competent as it is said that they are. I mean, you cannot ignore this. It may not be the thing that motivates them on this, but you can't ignore this as a possibility, because they're zeroing in on her for some reason - and normally, the left liberals would not be zeroing in on either a woman or a black person, much less a combination of the two.


I, unlike Rush, have been perplexed by what I have perceived by a lack of zeroing by the “left liberal” press.   I could not explain their refusal to present Ms. Rice as the most powerful person in the restructured National Security Council.   I, like most uniformed liberals, truly believed that the failure to confront Ms Rice on obvious contradictions were generated by pressure from the white house.   I questioned my political sanity when obvious questions were not even hinted at.    But Rush has opened my eyes.   I now realize that the liberal press must be infected with the “inferior minority complex”.    I now realize from Rush’s insight, that the liberal press is avoiding all of these questions because in their feeling of her inferiority they have decided to show her compassion, understanding, and pity.


Rush’s new insight is so universal that it transcends Condoleezza Rice and explains the press response to the Colin Powell exposures.  What else would explain the media inattention to the issue of the State Department having the fake documents for approximately five months without any public disclosure?   Without the new Rush paradigm of liberal guilt and compassion  I would view the possession of these documents and the Fact Sheet of December 19 as a gross cover-up.      With a ditto-head metamorphism I no longer feel uneasy about state department statements to the inspectors when turning over the documents.  I will finally sleep well tonight knowing that Colin Powell’s statements on Sunday News Talk Shows right after El Baredi’s revelation are not questioned because the liberal press would not expect anything different.   Rush has firmly convinced me that the issues of Nigergate are not about deception and responsibility but rather about race, affirmative action and the liberal bias.   Thanks Rush, keep up the good work.