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welcome to ULTIMATE This maybe be very well the most organized cooperative clans to ever play Enemy Territory. If you feel your good enough and attentive enough to join my clan instant message on my AIM screen name. Yes thats right I dont use forums for signups because the people that do have forums or some big pussies who dont have the balls to tell somone that applied to there face that they didn't make the cut. My co-ldrs and I do. As for as now goes this clan is practically brand new and with practice, we have the potential to be the BEST clan to ever play. My screen name is on the first bullet below and my co-ldr's is on the second bullet....

Thanks for visiting my clan. If you have any comments that you think would help then just instant message me. It's okay if your really not interested at all in this clan. Sure you can join a hotshot clan but in time ULTIMATE will prevail.