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Poor Youshi

Youshi's tale.

Some of you may wonder: what happened to poor Youshi? Where is her tail? Well Iím not sure of all the details, but Youshi got the bottom of her tail cut on something one day. Problem with that is that it got infected with gangrene. This was just nasty as basically she had half her tail rotting off. So I took her to the Vet, and they gave me the gangrene story and recommended an amputation.

I left Youshi there that day, and they amputated her tail. A couple of days later, I returned, they gave me some antibiotics, which she was to take orally and instructed me in "hydrotherapy." Now hydrotherapy as it is concerned with amputated iguana tails involves putting your iguana in the shower, and then skirting jets of water up the wound for something like five minutes. Iguanas with amputated tails do not like this. In fact, Youshi seemed kinda pissed bout not having a tail at all. Her days ranged from pissed to really pissed and she projected that anger towards me.

Little as it is known, Iguanas can grow their tails back, and that is what Youshi started to do. Problem was, she kept hiding in the corners, jamming her newly grown tail off in right angles. Such was the cause of a complication, a dead stub off her gimp tail. I then took Youshi back to the Vet.

Again, amputation was recommended but this time I could watch. Her stub was already dangling off some and so the amputation procedure consisted of grabbing the tail, grabbing the iguana, and twisting them in opposite direction until the tail came off. Youshi was not pleased. After wards there was bunches of bleeding. So, to stop that, they had this machine. To stop the bleeding, you would clip on the two probes to the tail, and then flip the on switch, sending something like a gigawatt up there, and burning up the place. Youshi definitely did not like that. After bout five zaps, the bleeding stopped.

Youshi's version of flicking you off.

I thought Youshi was pissed before, but after that, she was super pissed and didnít like me for a while. Now days her tail is growing back well, but it still doesn't quite look right yet.

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