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If I can remember correctly, George Tsu Tsui was in the first kickboxing fight I ever saw. See I heard through the grapevine that Ernie Reyes Jr. was fighting. Being a fan of Surf Ninjas, this sparked my interest. I watched strike force on ESPN 2 and George Tsuttsui was the first fight that came up. He fights under Fairtex in San Diego. You can also catch this dude in Fairtex commercials and he's even in that picture with all the Fairtex fighters hiding their nipples and belly buttons. (Uh, whatever dude.)

Train hard and anything is possible, unless you just suck.

The first fight I saw with Tsutsui was against Luis Gordillo from Mexico. Now something sketchy went up with the communication and all because, if you've watched this it's fairly obvious Gordillo did not know knees were allowed by the rules. Overlooking that humongous detail, the fight went pretty one sided with Tsutsui dominating all over the place. From what I've see he likes to use his hands but his kicks are pretty scrumptious as well. I don't know if he's fought in a while but if you do a search on him you'll find that he sponsors a mouth guard. I don't know though, looks kinda cumbersome, but I guess it's worth a try. By the way dudes: do not spar with out a mouth guard. Ever.

Actually, speaking of not fighting, he was suppose to fight the winner of the Steele-Melchor fight in 2002, but uh something happened because it never happened. Okay, so Melchor beat Steele, then…nothing. Hmm, you'd better check the kitchen honey, cause I've got a sneaking suspicion...

"Using the Brain Pad during my sparring sessions and in full contact kickboxing competition, I can feel the increase of power and endurance that you can't get from any other mouthguard." George "TNT" Tsutsui, IKKC Junior Welterweight, Muay Thai World Champ


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