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Neat-o links

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Bored of this lame site and looking for a fast bounce out? Please look below.

Martial arts links:

Number two on my list is the Journal of Chinese Martial Science. It's where I get my Sanda news from, but has some other interesting stuff as well.

For some news on the sport side of things try Martial Arts News. It use to be a neat site, but then it died for a while. I have not really looked at it much since.

Also try this UK site for sport news: Submission fighting UK.

Samurai-TV Kay, I've gotten a couple kickboxing fight vids from them. They seem decent, cept sometimes the DVD is messed up, but they send replacements right over. Check um out.

My #1 in this category died april 2004: 24 Fighting Chickens. RIP.

It's Like PORNO, but with KUNG-FU instead of SEX


Chicks dig sparklies. Must aquire chick? Get a sparkly then: "chick aquired." Try Starting Arvist.

Tandas Links:

Tandas!! One of the best tandas sites I've come upon. If you don't recognize the background midi, we need to talk.

Games links:

Is that your best Hoss? I leave an open challenge for the following games...

I've always been partial to the street fighter games. Street fighter Alpha 3 FAQ is a web site for those having trouble with the video game I hold in highest esteem.

Another game I’m a fan of is bomberman. If you are too, then take a look at this Super Bomberman 2 website and get some tips on how to suck (really cool music also).

You will be over run by the Zerg in Starcraft: Broodwars. Yeah I know, Warcraft 3 is where the battle is at, but my computer is no at longer cutting edge, so uh no. Go download some cool SC maps and then send a challenge.

So Halo 2 finally came out. I wish there were a couple more small mulitplayer levels but the games is decent. Legendary is hard.

Yeah I've been impressed with Soul Calibur 2 lately too.


Yes, we all need to look at theTransformer Encyclopedia . It is a website for those who want to look up the histories of their favorite Transformer. My main robot is Star Scream.


For people with fast internet connections...

Take a peak at the Purple Teddy Bears video. They are, my fire. The one, desire.

Random Blogs:

Satan's Laundromat Nice pics of NY.


Leah- My sis. Her site housed the original Kohi fan club.

Jake- He mops floors well. Good job Jake.

Mel #2- A top 15 buddy of mine.

Jet- My cousin from JB (the city right above Singapore). Now in Chicago.