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Monkey Man

Sorry guys, I had to come here strait from my day job as a traffic light.

So watch this guy in the ring and you'll think, "What a freakin' Monkey!" Genki Sudo, or monkey man as we call him in these parts, plays a very memorable character in the kickboxing world. If he worked at Chotskys (Office Space), you would notice Sudo because he would wear more than triple the minimum pieces of flair but then you'd figure out that overall he waits tables with the skill of a leg-less daddy-long-legs. Most of Sudo's fight career is in MMA and we don't follow that but, as a kickboxer Sudo is at best very…noticeable. Notice the vocabulary, not skilled or competent, but noticeable. To start off, his entrances are always rather flamboyant. Be it a traffic light mask, a bizarre rave dancing grim reaper or a mist spilling Kentucky Fried Chicken hat, it becomes very clear that this guy is just messed up. But this is just the beginning: once he gets in the ring, the real monkey man begins.

Come here and dance!

In the ring, Genki Sudo has two major tools. First off, he has an amazing ability irritate and annoy his opponent (uh I mean to erode away the composure of). He achieves this with a unorthodox kickboxing style involving (but not limited to): running like a headless chicken around the ring away from his opponent; constantly exposing his back to his opponent; moving extremely slowly like he's practicing tai chi; jumping on and off the ring ropes; and executing bizarre flying flops than end with him flat on the canvas (Even Masato has lost his temper to these goofy tactics). You watch this and wonder how does monkey man survive around the likes of skilled kickboxers like Masato and Kohi. Sudo's second tool, and only real offensive weapon, is a spin backfist. He sets this up with his absurd behavior and if his opponent drops his guard, then it's ouch time. Somehow this tactic works as even Kohi has been stung with this unlikely weapon.

Hey! Quit gazing at my bum bum?.

Now that is a match to watch. The Kohi-Sudo match in the 2002 J max was probably the most entertaining fight I've seen Sudo in. In it, Sudo acts like Sudo but then Kohi responds by acting kinda iffy himself. Sudo alternates between running around the ring and spinning like a top (oh and he's got a spiked butt!). Kohi responds with his bizarre arm voodoo dance. To his credit, Sudo catches Kohi off guard a bit and knocks him down, but Kohi is having none of that and comes back to give Sudo a technical knock out with leg kicks (note: A feat Masato could not achieve in his fight with Sudo a year later). In conclusion, Sudo is around purely for his goof ball entertainment and not because he'll win one day. Let's hope he keeps his day job of directing traffic. beep beep.


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