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Watch out for RIGs

RIG is the neat little acronym for Really Interesting Grass. This little phrase is an oxymoron: Despite what the adjectives may suggest, within the time frame of just a couple hours, grass can not perform anything really interesting. It's not easy being green anymore (sorry grass).

Try as you might, watch some really interesting grass and your surely to be distracted by other things.

If a kickboxing match is described as a RIG match, it is not a good thing. When does this happen? Well it seems that ESPN and K-1 have teamed together with a plot. Every once in a while in the United States, ESPN2 will air a K-1 match. "All Right!"you think, "K-1...this should be good." You then continue watching the tele, the fight starts and quickly things go uncool. "Ok, Ok," you think," if I stick with it maybe things will get exciting towards the end." (Oh what a grave mistake that is) Soon you find the match over and your wondering why it was ever aired. What gives?...K-1 is usually interesting but this was so lame.

Well that's the plot: Only the most boring matches in K-1 history are aired. Why? Beats me. But to continue taunting us, ESPN 2 airs the same lame RIG match several more time throughout that month. Punks. Below is a list of RIG matches I've seen, so if you see it come up, run.

Sure those scissors and suplexes are fun to watch for a little while, but itís about time Cung Le played something with some competition.

-Anything Cung Le(we know the outcome cause he only competes in little boy things)-

-Mark Hunt vs Gary Goodridge: K-1 USA Elimination 2003-

-Dewey Cooper vs Carter Williams: K-1 ? 2003-

-Michael McDonald vs Rick Roufus: K-1 USA 2002-

-Mark Hunt vs Francisco Filho: K-1 World GP 2001-

A good example of a RIG: Mark Hunt takes on Francisco Filho in one of the lamest fights in K-1 history. This is also one of the most shown K-1 fights on ESPN2. Coincedence?

So the conspiracy is this: make the US watch RIGs: the most boring fights in K-1 history. But surely we can get tapes of other more exciting fights right? Like fights in the middleweight division for example, those are seldom boring. Well my friend, this is where the plot thickens.


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