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No more tapes?

Now, not only does the K-1/ESPN cooperation bring in lame RIG fights on ESPN2, but it seems this may be the only K-1 things the companies allow us to watch. After over a month of on/off searching through november and december, it appears evident that I won't be able to get a copy of the most recent K-1 Max tapes.

I usually get my fight tapes from a number of wrestling tape sources (Wrestleporium, Pluto video or Highspots). I look and find the K-1 max tapes in these companiesí tape lists soon after the desired fights are aired in Japan and then, after ordering, they arrive in the mail. Well curiously this last K-1 Max fight has not appeared in any ones tape lists.

I inquire to these companies (and include K-1 USA for good measure):

Hello, I am looking for a copy of the recent K-1 max fights that occurred on the 18th of November (2003). Do you, or will you have this?


Pluto video has very poor customer service but here is what Highspots had to say:


Due to K-1's new partnership with ESPN here in the United States, we are no longer able to carry copies of their events for sale. Obviously, if this changes anytime in the future we would once again carry the latest K-1 shows. Thank you for your time,

Grant Sawywer

Highspots Video Archivist

I'm still waiting for K-1's response, which I will probably not get, but it seems pretty clear that K-1 is not going to market K-1 Max in the United States. I was hoping to watch the fight results as they unfolded in front of me (so I avoided seeking news of the results) but now itís been more than a month. I think Iíll check out the results shortly. Looks like with K-1 Iím stuck with those RIG fights on the ESPN2 and perhaps some heavyweight tournaments I buy. Maybe it's time to look into a different sport.


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