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In the middle

Middleweight kickboxing (under 70 kg in K-1) has, for a while now, sat in the shadow of the heavyweight divisions. The reasons for this could be interesting to pursue and all, but people are missing a lot of neat-o action. I'm not sure why the heavyweights get all the rage; their bouts tend to resemble downhill slug racing (if you wanta see an uphill slug racing, check out a heavyweight mma fight with two grapplers). Besides, those middle weight boys be so sexy. Just thank the mantis shrimp that now K-1 has got a middleweight division we can watch(Max).

The Kohi Fan Club

The Players

The Game

Recent updates:

-apr/16/2004- MMA is so hard to watch.

-feb/23/2004- K-1 max event report.

-feb/13/2004- Masato is a bitch!!

-jan/26/2004- Ok so it's like time for some updates. Well this comes soon; Until then I've found some links that have got me excited. Think K-1 is getting kinda pro wrestling like? Try looking at the superleague. And speaking of European bad asses, Albert Kraus has a web page now.

-dec/28/2003- So it seems that the ESPN/K-1 plot thickens.

-nov/07/2003- Dude, the other day I got excited cause they were showing a K-1 fight on the tele. It turned out to be a RIG man. So not cool.

-jun/17/2003- Go here to look at what I've noticed about some of the stars in the middleweights here; and also take a peek at some of what the experts think too.

-apr/07/2003- Where it all started. The one, the only, the Kohi fan club, American branch.

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