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McDojo is a term I see on the web sometimes. A McDojo is a martial arts school which markets a kind of generic martial arts. These schools are often chains and have large kids programs with different "clubs." The difference from one club to another is dependent on your monthly contract bill. The higher club your at, the better your training. A curriculm which includes point sparring and a complex belt system are also traits of McDojos.

The content really tends not to be that great in theses schools. That is not their strength. Marketing is their strength. They will out perform all other kinds of martial arts schools because they know how to market and now exactly which target demand curve will yield the greatest returns.

It's not bad that these schools are everywhere. Things could be better, but things could also be worse so count your blessings: imagine if wing chun schools or brazilian juijitsu schools were better marketed. That would just suck.

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