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Masato is a bitch!

Well in case you donít know all ready; Masato is a Bitch. Why? Well, according to him, in the K-1 Max circuit, there just is no one who can compete with the likes of him. Read the interview here. Ok, ok, so Masato is good, but so dominant that there are no threats? Oh yeah definitely. He's just all that and more. In fact looking back on some recent fights surely convinces me.

Letís go back to Masatoís match in the K-1 World Max 2002 against Albert Kraus. Oh yeah Masato was way dominating, until he got his bum knocked down by a PHAT Albert. And those silly biased Japanese judges hate Japanese fighters so they ruled it a knockdown and gave Albert enough points to win the match. This made Masato so sad he had to walk away hidden under his bloody tear-soaked towel.

Masato, surely you have not been crying? Is it because you have no competition?

Ok so maybe in that match Masato wasnít so dominate. But the next match against Albert though, Masato really showed his stuff. In this match Kraus basically had so much control that he connected with a turn-back-kick on Masato, (something not quite easily done on skilled fighters). Not only that, Masato also puts his head just inches away of a spin kick that had ouch potential. (The less educated would consider getting hit with these difficult techniques as taunts or a superior showing of skill, but they know nothing, Masato has no competition!!) Iím not really sure why, but the fight was given a draw decision; but really yaíll, check the tape and Iím sure youíll see it in Krausí favor. Basic point is this, Albert beat Masato and can probably do so again.

Albert and Masato, at it again. The two have records of 1-1-1 with each other.

All right, but besides Albert Kraus, Masato has no competition right? Oh Yeah, no competition at all!! Look how well he did against Mike Zambidis. This was in the world Max 2003. Masato did win the fight overall with a rather dubious knockdown counted in his favor (yaíll have to to see this one) but watching the fight you can honestly give Masato at best one of the three rounds. Thatís right, short stuff Mike really schooled Masato in the ring (Mike was like, ďyou like that, you like that, you want some more!!!Ē).

Mike is one tough puppy. Ruff!

Ok, ok, so Masato has gotta watch Albert and Mike. Surely no one else can stop him? Well letís not forget Kohi either, who beat out monkey man with a technical knock out in the JMax 2002 (something Masato could not do a year later). Point is this:

Masato: good? yes. A little Overconfident? Definately.


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