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Kohi Killers

Kohi Killers

As is obvious, Kohi is nearly invincibly. Nearly. There are some out there who have done the impossible. This is of course very rare phenomena, but what little is known of these fights will be shared.

verses Marino Deflorin:

This was a while back. A short clip of this fight has been seen in which a very energetic Deflorine spoon feeds Kohi a roundhouse kick. And where do spoons go? That's right, it looked like the kick hurt a bit. Kohiís defeat was by decision in that fight but in a later fight, Kohi makes swiss cheese of Deflorine with a dubious knee. After the knee, Kohi then attempted to kick a falling Deflorine. So whoís laughing now?

Hmm, my knees need some lotion.

verses Masato:

Known to us just as "Masato," he seems to be the poster child for japanese middle weight kickboxing. Arguable, he is the most skilled kickboxer the Jís have competing. He defeated Kohi in the final fight of the 2002 K-1 J Max. This fight was boring to watch and both fighters weíre cautious and hesitant. Masatoís reaction to a Kohi kick thrown after the break was kinda humorous (Go Kohi!) and Kohiís counter leg kicks were... curious, but Masato was more the aggressor and of course very easy on the eyes.

Masato, heís so hot right now.

verses Kao-Lan Kao-Vi-Chit:

During the K-1 World Max 2002, Kohi runs into this little thai booger. For a little of the first round, Kohi looked to be doing very well but, then he started hugging. Weíre not talking friendly hugs either, this was not nice hugging. Kohi was in trouble. Then the K-1 people do a curious thing: the fighters fall and Kohi gets the wind knocked out of him or something so they give him something like a minutes rest. Okay whatever. Sorry buds, but this didnít save our dude; Kohi was then swifty knocked out.

Yeah your teeth are kinda white. So you say you did that with chewing gum?

verses Peter Crooke:

This Brit's got bite. In the one of the early rounds, Crooke didnít seem to pleased when Kohi aimed a kick to his face while he was down. (You show him Kohi!) Overall our man was kicking tail, doing business with the leg kicks for most of the fight. A clean roundhouse kick to the head to the head even knocked Crooke to the floor. The boo boo happened when trading punches in the final round he somehow got himself knocked out. Poor Kohirumaki.

Is that all you've...pfft!

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