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Follow the Max?

Do you ever notice that there is a lacking of meduim in the one-on-one sports? Sometimes you'll see a little boxing, but point is (besides boxing and wrestling) one-on-one sports isn't big on coverage round my parts (Where's my Judo, my olympic TKD, and my kickboxing coverage?). Well despite this, I try to follow the K-1 max (Middleweight Artistic eXterme) as best as I can. The K-1 max circuit is as close as you can get to a "best of the best" type tournament in the middleweight divisions of kickboxing at the moment. Right now I'm having a little trouble getting a hold of tapes for 2004 (K-1/ESPN conspiracy). This problem should be solved shortly.

K-1 Max Superfights (apr/07/2004)-

K-1 J-Max (feb/24/20040)-

2003 events


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