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Welcome to the Kohi Fan page, American branch.

Got Kohi?

Name: Takayuki Kohiruimaki
Birth: Nov. 11th, 1977
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70.0 kg
Records: 27 fights; 19 wins; 6 losses; 2 draws; 2 KOs

Pow!! Up in ya face moof.

Takayuki Kohiruimaki, also known as "Kohi," is currently one of the top middleweight kickboxers in Japan. His prestige is obvious with the fact that he competed in the world K-1 Max tournament (may 11th 2002). The honor to compete in any K-1 tournament is something many kickboxers would like a chance at, and to make it into the world tournament is something most kickboxers can only dream they had the skills to do. Basically, K-1 is just really hard to get into and even harder to win.

Although Kohi's skill is outragous, the recognition is not there. Kohi is overshadowed by another kickboxer from Japan named Masato. Masato is highly skilled in kickboxing as w ell, and his bouts are very entertaining to watch because of his unique style of constant heavy low roundhouse kicks and strong punches (Kohi's style can be best described of as dorky). Many, such as Jessica Chouy, are also followers of Masato because of he's got a pretty hot body. Jake "Bam Bam" even considers Masato his sex god. Is he hotter than Kohi even? No way! This author at least favors the sexy eyes of Kohi. Regardless, it is time to talk of Kohi.

As of this year, K-1 has opened up a m iddle weight tournament called K-1 Max (its grand prix in Tokyo dome is just for heavy weights). K-1 Max consists of different regional qualifying tournaments followed by a final with the winners from each qualifier tournament participating.

Oh Look! It's Kohi fighting in the K-1 J-Max. That must mean he's a middle weight. Joy!

The J Max tournament took place at the beginning of this year (02/11/02). Our man was one of the few japanese fighters who went in with a natural looking hair color (do you think they are perhaps compensating for something else?). We hear that Kohi showed good standing, fighting in three exciting consecutive matches: Winning two, losing one. In the end, he walked out with 2nd place. (Just Guess who beat Kohi to get first?)

For the World Max tournament, Kohiruimaki was specially selected to participate by Master Ishi (president of K-1). This was nice of Mr Ishi considering he only got second in the J Max. Anyway, he came, he fought, and he walked away even: winning his first match against Marino Deflorin (Andy Hug's student!), but losing his second (defeated by a knee from Kao-Lan Kao-Vi-Chit). Kohi was beaten by Deflorin before so things wern't all bad news; although C ac tus considers the knock out a case of incredible luck. I myself wonder why Kohi was so eager to tie up and delay in his fight with Kao-Lan Kao-Vi-Chit. Cactus suggests that Kohi knew he was just screwed and wanted get out of the ring unhurt. Some p eopl e have even offered the rumor that free ice cream was offered to Kohi if he'd purposely lose. Overall Kohi tied with Masato for third place.

There's Kohi. He's putting a powerful foot on that bum bum from Switzerland. Way to go Kohi!

A couple quick comments on Kohi tactiques. Kohi is the greatest fighter in the world. His style is very similar to that of a fawn just learning to walk and his leg kicks would give anyone one humongous repair bill. Is there anyone who can stop this fighting machine?

Check out the k-1 website to see what happened to Kohi (oct 2002). Also take a look at this Brit site. To avoid too much suspence, I should tell you that Kohi was actually kinda winning this fight; until he got knocked out in the final round. This match was boring, and I still don’t understand Kohi's kicking people while they’re down thing. That tournament, the Masato-Kraus fight was were the action was at . Damn, Albert got some moves!

Our Kohi did not do so well in the 2003 Jmax (mar 2003). He was eliminated in his first fight against a skunk looking dude. It would have been interesting to see how Kohi would of dealt with Kozo or vice versa, but that's just something to look forward to for another day. On the bright side, they showed Kohi during one of his trainings and he looked bad to the bone.


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