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the wise and otherwise speak

So maybe you can sense some of this authorís opinions on some fighters, but what about the experts. What are their opinions? Well here you go. Iíve asked some "experts" to write down a thing or two about the middleweight kickboxers that they are familiar with.



Masato definitely has the most skill out of Japanís middle weight kickboxing class. Itís understandable why he wants to look to foreign fighters for a challenge. His punches and kicks are a pleasure to watch. They are quick, crisp, powerful, and focused. His determination and stamina are unparalleled. Unfortunately heís let it go his head. Arrogance and cockiness practically seem out of his pores. Being a model and wanna be actor sure doesnít help tame that out of control ego. What he needs are a bunch of fights like the one against Albert Kraus at the K-1 2002 tournament to send him crashing back down to earth where everyone belongs. All fighters need to remember that more discipline often equals more skill. Just because Masato obviously has more discipline and focus doesnít mean that heís untouchable.

Duane Ludwig


Dwayne is not a favorite of mine. The first kickboxing fight I saw him in was against Masato, so maybe thatís why his skill seemed somewhat lacking. I did not feel overly proud of America in that tournament. I think if a country wants to compete in a certain sport they should give it their all. Not just half ass the training and support they give the competitors and then wonder why they donít excel. Another fault of Dwayneís is that he actively competes in mixed martial arts. Any true kickboxer should be ashamed. The fighters in mixed arts have no punching or kicking skills. They slap very well and always end up on the ground, which is the only time they accomplish anything. Itís basically a waste of time and effort to start off in a faÁade of stand up fighting. They can grapple, thatís very true, but thatís all they can do. Itís an insult to karate, kickboxing, etc. to pretend that theyíre anything more than grapplers.

Takayuki Kohirumaki


This is one of my favorite fighters. He is second best in Japan, next to Masato. He isnít marketed as well since most of the mediaís focus is elsewhere (no names). For instance, most of the clips the Japs use to depict Kohiís fighting abilities seem to be after heís been working out for an hour or so. His punches are slow and sloppy by then and he looks as if heís about to fall over. His skill is also in question due to some of his more questionable techniques, such as locking up frequently whenever heís tired or in trouble (which seems to be quite often) and kicking people while theyíre down. This happens a lot and such behavior makes him look like quite a pussy. There are also some sketchy wins against foreign opponents. His K-1 fight with Marino Deflorin is a prime example. During the first round and after almost no action, Kohi lands a knee to Deflorin's abdomen and the man drops like a hat. After watching him train and seeing his action in the ring, it is completely unbelievable that he would go down that easily. Doesnít seem to add up. All things aside, Kohi trains very hard and obviously has talent to get as far as heís gotten. HmmÖafter reading this it doesnít really seem like heíd be anyoneís second fave. Maybe that statement was made more for the fact that heís Japanís real pretty boy (screw Masato) and less for his fighting techniques.

Bam bam:

Kohi is gay, so if you like Kohi, you're gay too. I'm all about kicking people while they're down, but not in a dignified match like K-1. He can't even make it look like an accident. Kohi is like the the rich stupid politician who gets away with everything for whatever reason I can't figure out. How can you justify letting this guy into K-1, he's a chump. Monkey-man needs to put him down. Yes, it's true I'm a member of the Kohi Fan Club, but I'm inactive, and I'd leave if I was able, but I can't. You see, the Kohi Fan Club is like a gang. There's only one way out, and that's death. And in true Kohi fashion, they get you while you're helpless.

Genki Sudo


Thereís so much that can be said about Genki, albeit nothing good. He is a complete disgrace to the sport of kickboxing and to Japan. I canít fathom how the Japanese can hold their heads up high while he is in the ring. His whole strategy is to annoy his opponent to the point where they arenít focusing and let their guard down. He also relies on his "unique" fighting style to throw them off guard. This is done by jogging around the ring, "dancing around" in front of the opponent, leaving his hands at his sides, and turning his back to the other fighter. The complete lack of respect Sudo shows for his opponent and the sport is appalling. He makes a mockery of the institution. That kind of behavior should not be tolerated. To this he adds his most famous move; a spinning back fist. When heís actually doing what could be considered "fighting" the spinning backfist is usually what he does. If not that, then a sidekick while holding onto the ropes. Not many fighters choose to use a sidekick in kickboxing, since it has proven ineffective. If he desires to continue with such techniques, he should relocate to China, where his choice of moves would be accepted and even applauded.

Bam bam:

This dude is the shit! He is truly a misunderstood fighting genius. Some so-called "experts" may say that his techniques are sloppy and annoying, but they aren't seeing the big picture. All the greatest fighters have had unusual fighting styles. Ali danced, laid on the ropes, Roy Jones, Jr. fights with his hands down, taunting his opponent with his ever-elusive head. Sure, Ali and Roy Jones, Jr. actually won fights with their fighting styles, and poor Monkey Man isn't quite as prolific as them, but he's obviously just luring the world into a false sense of security until he suddenly reveals his true awesomeness and takes over the world, or at least wins K-1. See, he's a long-term strategist. He doesn't just think about the fight at hand; no, he builds up our lowered expectations over a long period. Truly, Sudo has many fooled, but not me. Sudo is one of the greats-to-be.


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