The Prophecies of Scott
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The Prophecies of Scott

1. In January, 2007:

Behold the man who has departed little by little into the wilderness--he pours forth grave petitions and maintains his cause in the land of the enemy.

2. On August 14, 2006:

Twelve deliver packages to the cities of the plain and turn the lot in Jordan into dust.

3. On October 1, 2006:

Servants of the broken prince finally reveal the sad source of his suffering. On this day, counselors to many kings prepare earth for the hidden snare.

4. In November, 2006:

Iniquity from the vineyards of the far west destroys roots--a lame people are now divided into two parts. Before them, the messenger is as white as snow. They make new promises with instruments of music while a nation of maidens dance and turn in sympathy.

5. On January 19, 2007:

There is no light in any house--a riverside ring stands in ice and darkness.

6. In November, 2006:

Those stricken with the Curse of Pol will rejoice in a new and effective cure. There will be no more weeping for those who can afford to pay.

7. On December 2, 2006:

Rise early, for this is the day which shall bear fruit for those who make their way to the beach: 25, 47, 80, 17.

8. On July 28, 2006:

There shall be wheels in the wind and at what they give heed to, they shall be ashamed. Better is a dream--better than he. All the labor of their fingers bloweth afore the harvest. Thus they are cast into a land they do not know.