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The Peep Show
Friday, 23 June 2006
Basic Story -
in past ages when the worlds in habitants lived as though they were one nation there was a terrible war between the nations of akami and iyamoto. the war was waged over the part of the world known as the forbidden zone. the most fertile land in the world. this was lasted 10 long years until the battle reached the the forbiden zone where a young soldier named cujo turned the tide of battle when he found the sword of chaos in a deserted and over-grown temple in the forbidden zone. the armies of iyamoto were soon defeated by cujo and his uber-powerful sword. they retread back to iyamoto leaving the forbidden zone unclaimed as akami did not want it inhabitated.
20 years later in the present day cujo is the greatest solder to have ever stood on a battlefield but unknown to him when he took he the sword of chaos from that temple he awakened a dark and mysterious pwer. the original inhabitants of the forbidden zone, the nai a race of people who were the greatest weilders of magi-technology ever seen, a race of people who the history books say disappeared suddenly hundreds of years ago. a force greater than any seen and inttent on destrying the world.
when the nai launch an attack on cujo's hometown netherest he assembles hi sgreatest force thinking it id just another iyamoto raid but the his army is overwhelmed by the nai and his army and the town of netherest are destroyed right in front of him and he is left for dead while unconcious. he realises that during his past he was the leader of the armies doing the killing of peoples husbands, brothers and fathers even sisters, mothers and wives and tha he has destryed many peoples lives just because he was ordered to ust like the nai have just done.
cujo soon becomes overwhelmed by his guilt and his haunted every where he goes by the memories of the dead that he couldnt save or that were killed by his own hand. he soon wanders off to the dark forests of ennis, a forest where light is unable to enter and none have returned from. to enter into deep medtation. hoping to escape the horrors of war, never have to take another life and hoping to find something from within himself that will help soothe his intense guilt weighing him down

Posted by blog/thepeepshow at 11:33 PM NZT
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Tuesday, 21 February 2006
The main character - Cujo
Cujo -
race - Human, hometown - Netherest, age - 48, weapon - Swords, sex - Male
The greatest warrior to ever exist. Orphaned at the age of 8 into the army. Cujo has no last name as orphans werent assigned last names only first names were assigned to babies without a name. Cujo lives only for battle and to protect his family back in Netherest. He carries deep emotional scars from the guilt he feels from the many lives he has ended and the families he has torn apart, like that of his best freind and number 1 general 20 years ago during the holy wars. This guilt follows him into his dreams and lots of his thoughts often distracting him during battle. He weilds the sword of chaos which he found when attacking the chaos shrine during the holy wars and was entrusted to him by the priests of chaos beleiving him to be the chosen of chaos. the sword of chaos gives him enoemous strength but has given him unseen adverse affects to him mentally and physically.
Cujo wears chain mail armor known as a cuirass for his torso, greaves on his shin, helmets and arm guards. he can use sheilds if not equuipped with a tw handed sword
Cujo is a tall man who wears mail armor that only cover his shin, torso and occaisonly a helmet.cujo has long blonde hair and has tanned skin
More character info on the other 7 playable characters will be up soon

farewell my peeps
captain charisma out

Posted by blog/thepeepshow at 7:21 PM EADT
Updated: Wednesday, 22 February 2006 2:47 PM EADT
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Saturday, 11 February 2006
Welcome to the Peep show
hello my peeps im the sychotic abyss. some of you may not know me but not for long. im the director/writer of a video game called "soul of chaos" for the nintendo revolution. now before you think im crazy the game is just in concept phase right now as i have not talked to any developers or even finished my idea yet and as soon as i get a scanner in a few weeks i will show you some conceptual pitures. as this is my first post i wont go into any details about soul of chaos but soon i will give basic storyline info so stay tuned. oh and one more thing if anyone from the games industry (large and connected site or any developer) likes my idea please tell me so we can work something out about the making of this game

farewell my peeps
captain charisma out

Posted by blog/thepeepshow at 9:57 PM EADT
Updated: Saturday, 11 February 2006 11:55 PM EADT
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