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Who Does This Thing Work!?!
The Premise
Ok, here is the deal, Dustin & Heath have created a rant site, or outlet if you will, to give the people of myspace a place to vent. We will be doing most of the venting, but on occasions..the fans will send in their OWN rants...and we will post them! The LB is the name of our game and this is how it goes... We think of things that really piss us off, and we talk about them... if you don't like our point of few, then you don't have to look at our pages, now do you? We will also be giving out advice, if you have a problem, talk with us about it. We will work hard to come up with a solution, it's much like a counseling session, only we are free (this makes us sound like cheap sluts... but hey.... we are.) Also we will be taking any ideas and working with them, if you have an idea about a new topic, then please send us a message and let us know. If you do need advice and you would like your identity to be concealed then please message us privately without commenting, and ask us to do so. We are not here to hurt people, only to help, and in our quest to help, a few of these people may get stepped on.... sorry! Have fun, be safe, and let the ranting begin !