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This is the HISTORY of the LB!
The History Of The LB
In April 2006, two college students (Heath Nodine & Dustin Rogers)were sitting in a college computer lab, when they came up with the idea of starting a rant site on myspace. Two days later, what is now known as THE LB took shape and quickly began to get the eyes of fellow Tri-County Tech students, who were interested in the new outlet. Months past by and THE LB was a instant hit, bigger than what Heath & Dustin ever expected. They soon broke 4000+ Rant Views, 500+ Rant Comments, 200+ Rant Kudos, out of several LB Rants.
Then just recently, Heath Nodine was sitting thinking about what they could do next....the answer....THE LB AUDIO SHOW. What was expected to launch in August, was quickly clottered with both of them getting busy schedules and having to cut back which stopped them from producing then Audio Show. However, THE LB set a GRAND Re-Opening of the site, with a new layout, new logo, and the offical launch of THE LB AUDIO SHOW....Set for a December 8th, 2006 Debut. So here it is...and starting a huge jump to a possible internet star-dom!