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This page will be devoted to a project I have in mind.

I am going to put together a play. It is story about four sheltered children growing up in a small village with nothing to entertain them. When one of the children discover the myth of their village from the church ministry files they quickly gather together to converse about their findings. With nothing holding them back other than the worries of thier parents the children venture out into the nearby woods where they discover freedom from their villagers in preparation for what is to come.

Please give the story time to create itself and I will do my best recreating the reality of its being.

These are the four main characters of the story:
Shadly Connor Blossom Alden
Plans for story:
  • develope
  • write a script
  • create illustrations
  • produce the soundtrack
You can contact me @

Story Tools The Characters
Shad |home|
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Maya v7.0 Connor:
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Ableton Live v4.0.1 Blossom:
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Coheed & Cambria


Has anyone ever dreamed of being so powerful that nothing ever could stop you or even slow you down. I am not talking about the fantasies you come in contact with when you go to sleep, I mean the reality of making a difference in someone's life. The thought you give when disrespect is placed upon the unknowing. When an act of encouragement strikes the weak. When an unknowing indisciplined force takes over your body.

It is funny... no, it is no joke at all how an image portrayed at just the right angle or a sound in just the right key can alter our ordinary thoughts. To walk the earth knowing that one day that we will not exist can only be a nightmare to most of us. Some may seek a straight and narrow path placing hope and faith into a role in which there is only one player. We have our own thoughts that race like the dark horse on its own quest through our heads, some being soft and vague, others violent and tormenting, but only we ourselves can teach us what we really need to know. We are the suffering. We are one, living among nature, acquiring what comes to us, reaping what is scattered between mouths, joined together by the chemicals that we require for our helpless bodies to function. Each of us determine our rise and fall.

Study what interests you. Make every moment you have worth while. Don't ever let regret get in your way. I have hurt too many times to not gain knowledge of hate, greed, and sorrow. Occasionally I find myself rendering my life, the way I live it. Which is how I came to this conclusion. If you feel something pull at those strings buried deep in your chest let the surrounding enitirety know you feel for them. "You can be the unicorn upon the misty mountain. I am the voice found in scrolls. But when imagination becomes reality again you'll never know that your heart is made of gold.

"...expressions of depression i am now excited about life." -shadly calloway