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Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird "If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me For I must be travelling on now there's too many places I gotta see And if I stay here with you girl things just wouldn't be the same For I'm as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change and the bird you cannot change and the bird you cannot change Lord knows I can't change Bye bye it's been sweet love though this feeling I can't change Please don't take it so bad now Cause Lord knows I'm to blame And if I stay here with you girl things just couldn't be the same For I'm as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change and the bird you cannot change and the bird you cannot change Lord knows I can't change "


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Well hmm, lets get some particulars out of the way, my uncle is doing better, for the time being, but at least we have this time together, so im thankful for that.

Now, on to what i came to say, in class today i realized the biggest reason why i hate cbc. CBC is a place for the young and the old, while you have kids, like me, that wanted to get a start on college while still having the comforts of home, you also have the people coming back to college after years of not being in school. These people are the biggest reason i hate cbc, like today for example, our business teacher is forgetful, he gave us 5 assignments over the weekend, all of them were tedious and complete bullshit and you could tell he chose them off the top of his fat head at the end of class on thursday. Well fast forward to 5 min left in class on monday, the teacher is talkign about something really random, and everyone is packign up, and hopeing no one says shit about the homework, well who raises their hand? yah some 50 year old wench, "Oh but Mr. Sulley sir, what about the homework you assigned on thursday?" he looks at her like she is retarded, while the rest of the class looks at her like they want to skull fuck her. And of course he doesnt remember it, oh but dont worry she has them all out in front of her. Fuck i hate old people, you had your chance, you fucked up and didnt go to school, now fuck off! its my turn to be lazy/hungover in class and not hand in homework, and sure as hell not remind a teacher of homework. Idiots

Well that being said, i just have soem other stuff to put up her, Ryan Perry over at gorrilamask, has created a new search engine, you can go read all about it by clicking on the link to the left, or you can just take my word for it, it fuckign rocks. It gives you the same search results as google, or yahoo, without their sponsors, and is much quicker. Anywho, there is really no reason not to support it, he's a good guy, id rather support his shit, plus if you do support it, you are invited to drink for free in las vegas when his company makes its first million. So click the link, or use the search at the top,IceRocket.

Also the guys over at Red vs. Blue have updated, new episode 30 is out. If you have never watched any of them, you should download winamp and watch the complete first season, on the internet tv that comes with winamp. And when you are finished with that download the second season from Red vs. Blue they are fucking hilariuos.

Oh and we had a golfing outing this weekend, good times were had, people hit at us, we proceeded to call them fuckers, its safe to say we didnt bother letting them get done with the hole before we t'd off. FOUR!!!

Hey cancer, FUCK YOU!!!

Cancer come here, yah dont be scared come here, little closer, FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK. FUCKER!!! what the fuck is your problem huh ? what no shut the fuck up. Fuckign asshole, seriously is that all you have to do is go around and infect pure innocent soles? Destroy families and fuck over lives? is that how you get your fucking kicks? your such a fucking doushe bag,

Well that was totally justified, and if i ofended someone by that, you need to shut the fuck up and leave anyway. Cancer lover. Anyway, today was/is shitty, i got a call early today which contained some bad news, my uncle is very sick, and if you know my uncle dan, i wish you would pray for him to whatever god you believe in, i dont know what else to say, but i do know that this is fucked up.

i have this rage, and sadness inside of me, i dont know what to do about it, all i want is dan back, it wasnt that long ago me and him were staying up till 5 in the morning up at hunting camp, drinking together, playing music and singing and dancing at the top of our lungs. i mena christ, he was my age, we were 2 of a kind, if you've ever had that connection to someone, friend or realitve, its rare, haha one of my favorite quotes from the weekend came from him "Heeeey Feinky wheres da weeeeed" a drunken slure that woke up the whole camp.

there are so many things that i want to say to him, and do for him still. This summer i was going to learn guitar, he always wanted me to do something like that, and i was gonna learn some Lynyrd Skynyrd and play it for him, but now it looks like i wont have that oportunity. My love of music was influenced by no one greater than him. His basement at his house probobly holds over 5000 cds. He loves music, me and him use to try and out do eachother with our car stereo's, he always beat me, fucker had more money than i did. I think i might get a Pop Eye tattoo too, he had one on his right arm, although he never liked it, i think it might be a nice gesture.

i dont really expect anyone to read this, but im home alone, my parents are in new orleans, and the rest of my familly is copeing with this in the ways they know how. and i dont really have much desire to see my uncle in this state, id rather remember him the way he was, full of soo mcuh life and love. i konw he goes to a better place from here, he has a mother waiting for him, and it looks as if she wont have to wait much longer.... its just fucking gay. they should both still be here, FUCK YOU CANCER FUCK YOU!!!!!!

An Easter Weekend Fueled By Satan

Song of the weekend, Tenacious D - Sasquatch, lyrics above

This weekend started off lick any other. Thursday night was spent doing nothing, familly obligations have kept me close to home for the past couple weeks. Friday i got the privledge of laying pipe, im serious, i put in pvc pipe for sprinklers. There was no sexual inuendo there, trust me. So yah that took most of the day, from 6:30 till 4:30. Yah sucks. Anywho, that night was to be full of many special events. Including the return of most of my friends who are off at "college". Upon return into town, one Joel Willits had me over for dinner, where i was told to put back the gravy for they were in fear of me getting yet another heart attack, Joels mom loves me. Well friday night, we made our way to Willows g-ma's house, where we were to party it up. Or so was the plan. Well upon arrival to willows we were informed that we could not drink there, so the next hour was spent sitting around, looking for a place to get our drink on at. Nothing out of the ordinary when you try and party in the tri. Well finally we get a call from willows broham, who says we may party there in pasco. When we get to the house, we see an array of 50 thousand dollar cars in the driveway of some million dollar house, and here we are with our 151 and a 24 pack of keystone, yah we were the zenith of class at that moment. Well as it turns our these people are in there 30's and have a 13 year old daughter, and we are partying right outside her room, as she tries to sleep. Yah... we're nice like that. Well as the night started to wind down, we made our way to the door, and headed to Denny's. Where we almost got pulled over, i think i almost pissed myself, well anyway, i was quite hungered so i ordered up a Dagwood, mmmmm Dagwooooooood, but dumbass me left half of it there on the table, IDIOT.

Well the next night, saturday night, we played some manhunt. Which i must say was funner in high school. Bunch of doushe bag kids showed up and thought that they were the best the game had ever seen, i wanted to skull fuck them. Coulda been fun. Anyway, i got to see a bunch of peeps that i hadnt seen in a long time, like Tussin Johnson, he's a good man. Anyway we ended that night by getting Joel's dog drunk. At least someone got drunk that night. Anyways, im writing this on easter sunday, cuz my familly isnt here, so yah, its been eventful, so im out, time to get stronger.

Rubbin Out a Quicky Before Class

First off for all you who thought that the title of this was refering to something other than a quick update 1) youre sick 2) you probobly know me to well. I dont really have much to say, but i just felt something new had to be done to this site. Hmmmmmm i think the first round of bum wars may happen today after school, look for that then. Fuck im shaking like its cold, you ever get that, you can be somewhere and for no reason your whole body is quivering like its -100 and you are outside with your nuts on a bag of ice. yah it sucks. Anywho i gets to do this school thing now, it aint so bad, my buisness teacher looks and sounds like John Madden so thats good times.

Bum Wars - Round Two

John Madden talks on your comp- when you open a window, john gives you play by play, fairly amusing

RIP Kurt Cobain. Its been 10 years today, from the time he took his own life, and left a generation of people to fend for themselves. He never asked to be a leader of a generation, but that is what he became, and to so many people of that age, when he killed himself he reassured them that things really were that fucked up. For my age group, there are not many of us that were touched by this man, when he was alive, but like me many have come to know him through his music, and looking back now i wish i had been a few years older to fully appreciate what he and they truely meant to the world. Here are some links from people that can express what he meant, better than i ever could.

Ten Years Latter
Remembering Kurt
A Poem to Kurt
His Last Words


Alright, well its been a week or so. Sorry for the non-updating, it was a crazy week. And most of you reading this probobly were with me for some of it. And im sure i know of 2 of you, at least, that will be updating with stories and exagerations (sp*) of the fun that was had over the past 7 or so days. Well let me tell you what i remember about those days. I remember not updating, cuz i was breaking. I remember bbq in the park, i remember hockey games, i remember being willowed, i remember huck being willowed, i remember huck not letting us use his empty house.... jerk. Well i remember most things, i remember WSU and how it was fucking raining, i remember Dustin spelling his name in urine. I remember Gonzaga, i remember NOT going to the gay ass toga dance, i remember partying it up with Mike, i remember Emily Hatchee (sp*). I remember walking around aimlessly looking for mikes cousin, whom i did not remember the next day when she talked to me at breakfast, well i either didnt remember her, or was to busy eating to look at her, you can decide. Hmmm what else do i remember, oh i rememberCamerons first and second beer bongs.. He likes Johnny Stamos, the beer bong, not the actor. I also remember getting my new cell phone, and camera! yah their pimp shit, but its how we do up here in the 509. Speaking of the 509, we represented up at WSU and GU, we all bought trucker hats, at the dollar store, they were.... a dollar. Yah, we then proceded to put "Cougin It", " The Angel Crusher", "Action", "Von Douche" and "Thug Life". Needless to say we got tons of play and/or ass. Well thats all i really remember, i have updated the bum wars, the first round will start in a few days, maybe fewer, dont know if ill have enough time........ peace nigga, ONE.

Ok so i just found out something weird. Ok so Peter Jackson, the man who directed The Lord of the Rings, and is remaking King Kong, has just hired Jack Black to act in King Kong. Soemthing just doesnt seem right there. Dont get me wrong i love LOTR, and i would suck Jack Black off... i mean i like him too. Check it out

Bum Wars - Round One
Random WSU/GU Pics

To Quote Mano....

"BITE ME" im on spring break ladies, and in case you couldnt tell, im breakin it up. And that means i cant, under spring break law, update this site. i might get in trouble just by doing this. ive updated the song lyrics, they hopefully will help a certain someone.


Things a Changin

If you would like to help me by leaving some comments on the new format, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks.  Alrighty, so the final "Whos Your 10" votes are coming in, and ill post the winner, with her own page. So if you want to vote on one, get to doing it before Thursday afternoon. And if you want to sponsor a bum get that done by Thursday too. First round will be held Thursday night. Good luck fighters.


Typed this letter for my teacher. He wants journal entries, ill give him journal entries.

Bum Draft 2004

Once again I was talking to Casey on AIM, and once again we came up with a kickass idea for a post. Bum Fights. Sure you’ve probably heard of the kids that paid bums to fight for a happy meal, and then they tapped it and sold it. Well that’s not what were gonna do, ours is completely different, were gonna give em a bottle of MD too. What were gonna do is first have a bum draft, to see who gets each bum as their fighter. How this is gonna work is on a first cum first serve basis, the first to call dibs on a bum, gets him. Later on, after you’ve all had a chance to starve train your fighter we’ll set up matches and the fighter to go undefeated will get the top prize, a Happy Meal and an MD 20/20.

Choose a fighter.

Bum Links

Bum Drinks

Hot Chicks Are Hot

Not having class till 12:40 leaves me with a lot of time on my hands. Usually i stay up late and do.... stuff. Like having deep and meaningful convo's with my friends. Like the one me and Casey Johnson had last night. I had asked Casey who he bases his chick measuring scale on, you know the one that is from 1-10, yah, well he gave me an interesting answer. He told me he based it on Denise "man hands" Richards, personally i would put Brooke Burke at the top of mine, and had never even thought of Denise Richards, but Casey informed me of the many accomplishments of his Denise, apparently she was a bond girl, and has 3 somes, which is always nice to hear. So anyway, ill get to the point of this update, im gonna make a "Whats Your 10?" poll, click the link to vote for your favorite, or add a comment and tell me who i should add.
Whos Your 10

If someone doesnt get me something from this site, i might just cry.
Im famous bitch! Ok well kinda, apparently the sex cd i made for an MLE has spread across Gonzaga like a case of air borne herpes. Ask Joel about that one, all you need to know is that it sux. He says he got it from a hockey locker room but i think its from that 3 way with those whores in Vegas.. but anyway back to me. Over Christmas Winter Break from school, Dustin and I were given the task to make Megans roomate, MLE, a sex cd. Of course we went about this in 2 different ways, he made an actual cd with some funking grooves to fuck to, while i stuck to my guns, and produced a kickass cd about humping. My cd more was more intended to wetten the eyes, then the lips, has apparently done its job. Last weekend Megan informed me that i was "famous", apparently this cd has been heard comnig from random dorms across campus. And all people know is that it is "an mle sex cd made by a donny" which makes sense, seeing as how that is the name i gave to it. So if you cum into contact with this cd, beware, it may cause un-controled orgasms, and humping of the leg.

So ive decided to add an AIM hall of fame if you will. Basically a place for me to post up random things that i thought were humorous that people have said to me. So far only one posting is in there, and it is the one that finally got me to make one. Its from a random 4 girls, obviously drunk, and apparently knew me. Dont know how but whatever, the point is beer goggles are a bitch. Go herrrrrrre.

So i recieved an IM tonight, from none other than Joel Willits.
In it he asks ME, Donny Heidelberg Jr, to make him a banner for his site. Now im no stranger to making banners for people, ive made plenty.... like the one i made for Pizzo and Matt over at their site and .. well yah thats the only one ive made for people. But the point is i dont wanna be the banner bitch from here on out, so im gonna throw it out to yous alls to see if this Joel kid gets a banner for his site.

Oh my god! Im gonna... oh!... dah!! ... sploog!, sorry, but the new broken lizard movie is cuming out this friday. If you dont know who broken lizard are, then you are no friend of mine, or you are just stoopid. Broken Lizard are the 5 super troopers in... Super Troopers. And all 5 are back again, with crazy their shananagins in the new movie Club Dread. Now i dont know much about this movie, other than its made by these guys, and quite frankly thats all anyone needs to know. So go, and enjoy the movie, and then we can talk about how much Donny it rules. Oh and go here.

Well the weekend is in the bag. I traveld all across this fine state in search of booze... oh and to hang with friends, and i was rewarded for my venture. Not only did we finish all of what we brought up for both nights, in just a few short hours, we then proceeded to take over seattle. Bums galore with talent to boot. Some sang, some were comedians, some just scared Matt, but for the most part, they were funny as all hell to look at, cuz well frankly im NOT homeless and i AM an asshole. Well on to the pics.

mmm mmm MD
Seems i havent updated in awhile. So ill just tell you about this up coming weekend. As long as we dont die on the way over there, which could happen, we have a J Willits driving us, but if we do make it, to UW, Satan should be waiting, with plenty of fuel to kick this weekends ass. I believe the running total of booze gathered so far is as fallows; 3/5 of V, 1/5 of Dub, 1/5 of After Shcok, 1/5 of Razz Rum, 1/5 of Pep Schnops, an MD, and id say around 80 beers various varieties. Devide that up amongst 6 people, including a birthday girl, and one D. Heidelberg, id say that is a dick-load-o-good-time. I also heard that WSU is playing the Fuskies in BBall this weekend, which means that many a Wazzu faithful will be up in the U district, so if you feel the need to party it up, or just want to be shown an all around good tizzzime give us a cizzzall, and yes the z's were nessicary. PS, A-Rod is gay, ill have proof shortly

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