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The Way of the Commander


Team Organization
Defensive Strategy
Offensive Strategy

This text on the art of war was made my the
commanders of Mobile Infantry, 1st Company commanders as
a way to vocalize their strategical and tactical
understands which are to be used in the great game of
scenario paintball.

The Commander is the brain of the military unit. He
is the individual with the responsibilities
which distinguishes him as the one who makes
critical decisions for his team.

The Commander is the person who maintain his
team and perfects them into an organized
figthing force. He is the one the men look
to for the answers and the judicator
when their is conflict within the group.
The commander must be unbiased in every
fabric of subordinate affairs.

The Commander must understand the ways of combat
and is able to keep his cool under difficult
situations. It is under these basic princples is what makes a
commander a compentant one. Whether he is a subordinate commander
of high ranking commander; he must make
the decision for not what is best for himself,
but what is best for his unit which he commands.