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PvP Event Back-to-Back with 3X XP Event September 26 - October 3

Wanted: Boss Monster Event October 3 - 10

Scorpion King & Queen 2 October 10 - 17

4X XP Back-to-Back Potion Event October 17 - 24

Headless Halloween Event October 24 - 31

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For decades, clanhood have taught young troupse lessons that cannot be found anywhere else. Established to expedite the social, and professional interests of the members, Templars separate themselves from other clans by instilling their members with an outstanding brotherhood and sisterhood. Unfortunately, many clans have devalued the system by constantly promoting their negative stereotypes (Ksers, scammers, etc.)

A clanhood unlike any other, Templars continues to promote its growth and further establishes the foundations of traditions that future members will uphold and teach to new troupes. As a anglo-norman based clan, Templars serves as a focal point to bring together the variety of talents and strengths within each member, whether it be skills, talent, ability, and utilize them not just for creating new leaders but most importantly for our larger endeavors for the community, including our national philanthropy, Habitat for Humanity.

The clanhood shared between every member Loyalty, Love, Unity, Dignity, is what distinguishes us from other Clans. Additionally, while Templars is not the stereotypical clan that hazes its pledges and disband so quick, it is a clan that works on improving its members. We are Distinguished Gentlemen and Women, men and women of a unique nature, instilled with the Templar Knight's Principles. Templars is not just a clan - it is a way of life, which we have engraved in our hearts. Thus, we do not feel like we are "better" than other clans. We'll try to keep our clan intact. Our clanhood has no rivalry. Templar is neither superior nor inferior to, "but Distinguished Above All Others".