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Thursday, 4 September 2003
a product of boredom
so yeah weve been going to school for three days now and heres my thought about the fucking hat ban.... its amazing how they say hats conceil weapons, yet people can walk around in a fucking trenchcoat.. was it not a few years ago kids got gunned down in a school by a couple of assholes that called themselves "the trenchcoat mafia"? in movies or even on the news do you ever see someone threatening a bank teller with a gun that is located in their hat.. or even a knife? "watch out buddie my yankee hat is going to kill you" what the fuck is that. its always pockets of jackets.. i really have the feeling a knife or gun would be able to be seen through a fucking hat.. seriously. now im not saying ban trenchcoats and let me wear my hat, thats the goths way of self expression, as if the makeup and black clothes wernt enough. wear your trench coat, give me my damn hat

sorry for that random babble.. just pisses me off so much it really is rediculous.

Posted by blog/taco0137 at 10:10 PM EDT
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