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Welcome to Tots 4

(3 Years-Grade School)

The school year will start August 2006!

Hours: 7:30am-6:00pm

Work time begins @ 9am!!!!!

About Me:

Hello. My name is Amanda Forsythe.  I am 24, married (3 years), and have a 17 month old son.  I am a junior at UTD where I am obtaining my degree in Elementary Education.

About the Program:

I am opening a kindergarten prep and grade school program in my home.  My experience in the private preschool circuit has shown me that children are transferring from private education to public not ready. A lot of schools teach different curriculum styles (which are wonderful programs) but they need to be taught in accordance to the Texas TEKS.

What are TEKS? They are the standards applied by the state that ascertain what level a child is at.  I have a learning system that integrates the Montessori Method and the State Requirements. I can guarantee, from experience, that my program will have your child ready for school.  It has been used in a Montessori Classroom with excellent results.

Age levels:

Are you a working parent that wants a better education for your child?  The state of Texas views home schooling as a private institution which means that I can accept and set up a grade relevant program for older children.  Please let me know if you are interested.  I will need to set up the curriculum over the summer.

 Days and Times:

The program will be open M-F from 7:30am-6:00pm (Sharp)!  The class work time will begin at 9am.  The school will be closed on all major holidays in accordance to GISD.  (Except: Summer break and Spring Break--We will be open.)  During Christmas break the program will be closed the week of Christmas.  If you are in a "bind" special arrangements can be made. Please contact me for a school schedule.


The tuition rate is an averaged amount based off the surrounding home programs, private schools, and the curriculum they each offer.  I am asking a flat rate of $150 a week. 

This includes snacks, supplies, low priced field trips (any major trips i.e. the Zoo...will be parent cost) and a full day of quality childcare. There will NOT be an additional supply or registration fee.  You may be asked to bring materials for big projects (toilet paper rolls/t-shirts).

The program will open the beginning of August with the start of the new school year.  I am accepting a limited number of do not miss out on an excellent opportunity. 

Please contact me for any information or to reserve your spot for the upcoming school year!  I am willing to hold a place open for your child with a $50 deposit that will be applied to your school tuition.  I look forward to answering any of your questions.  

Setting up a Meeting:

I understand and appreciate that your child's education is important!  I am more than willing to meet with you and discuss the curriculum in more detail.  However, I am currently involved in various cosmetic repair projects on my house...getting ready for the fall.  I would need to complete the work or set up our meeting else where for safety’s sake. 


The program will be run in my home where a school room has been set up for the working area.  I have a large fenced back yard and will be offering outside play toys.   My home is small (800 sq ft.) and is located in Garland near the Central library.  Also, we do have pets (dogs/cats) that are kept seperate from the house because my son has asthma.  They will not be in direct contact with any of the students. 



For information, please contact Amanda Forsythe @ 972-415-1905

or by email @


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