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Soduku Dadamobile Italia
DADAMobile Italia

SuperSudoku Sudoku è un antico gioco giapponese risalente a molti secoli fa in cui logica e ragionamento sono alla base della sua risoluzione. Non c'è nulla di matematico. Il nome di questo rompicapo giapponese, ormai famosissimo e molto popolare anche in Europa, tradotto in italiano significa “Numero solo” ed è proprio su questo concetto che il gioco si basa.

Soduku Dadamobile Portugal
DADAMobile Portugal

Sudoku El Sudoku es el juego de moda, un rompecabezas matemático donde el objetivo es rellenar una cuadrícula de 9×9 celdas dividida en de 3×3 de las cifras del 1 al 9 partiendo de algunos números ya dispuestos en algunas de las celdas. Estimula tu mente con este juego que arrasó en el Japon hace unos años y que ahora lo hace en el resto de mundo

Crazy Frog Russia
Crazy Frog China
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Crazy Fro Sverige
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Crazy Fog Belgique
Crazyrog Ireland
Crazy Frog Suomi
Crazy Frog Italia
Crazy Frog Hungary
Crazy Frog Danemark

Jamba Jamster

Premium-Game: Official Sudoku - It's fun. It's challenging. It's addictive!

Official Sudoku is a simple to learn number-based grid game - fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. There is no maths involved. The grid has numbers, but nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

Premium-Spiel: Das offizielle Sudoku - Es macht Spass, ist herausfordernd und macht süchtig!

SuDoKu Garden - Super-Game

SuDoKu Garden - Super-Game:
The ultimate version of the world's most popular puzzle game is finally available for your mobile phone with SuDoku Garden.
SuDoku Garden Jeux Super:
Découvre enfin SuDoku, le jeu de réflexion le plus populaire du monde dans sa version mobile! Quelques minutes suffisent pour apprendre à jouer, après quoi tu pourras rejoindre plusieurs autres millions de fans dans le monde. Les commandes intuitives de ce jeu qui se joue à l'aide de quelques pressions du pouce seulement en font le passe-temps idéal. Avec ses trois niveaux de difficulté, son nombre infini de casse-tête générés aléatoirement et ses différents modes de jeu, cette version de SuDoku est la plus riche et la plus complète pour mobile à l'heure actuelle.
Sudoku Garden
Super-Spiel: Mit SuDoku Garden ist die ultimative Version des beliebtesten Puzzlespiels der Welt endlich für dein Handy verfügbar.

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MediaPlazza - Over 60 countries!


Universally popular, SUDOKU is a must for the player on the go. Whether you want to play quietly for a few minutes between subway stations or for several hours in your living room, SUDOKU adapts to all types of players thanks to its ability to save games and its grab-and-go size.

- Several looks are available: play Sudoku with illustrations instead of numbers!
- Readily available help: Verify your strategy whenever you need to.
- Several levels of difficulty: Easy, Average, Expert.

Are you hooked on Sudoku ? With SUDOKU on your mobile, you can live your passion wherever you are.

Sudoku Master 2

The follow up to the bestselling Sudoku Master mobile game. The fastest and most advanced Sudoku game available on any mobile handset has arrived!

Sudoku Master 2 features:
- Over one BILLION true single-solution Sudoku boards!
- Real-time generation of boards - on any mobile phone! Faster and better boards than any other mobile game.
- Five levels of difficulty, ranging from beginner mode to incredibly hard!
- Choose between different game skins to customize the looks of your Sudoku board.
- Alternate between number or letter modes.
- High scores, instant solutions, automatic pause on incoming calls and many more features...

Can you master the most advanced Sudoku game available and become a Black Belt Sudoku Master?

If you still can't figure it out, take this...
Brain Bullet


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