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Laying centered in my bed
It seems the longer I held my gaze
staring at a galaxy of glow-in-the-dark stickers
the faster they would fade away
My eyes wept in the dimming punambra
awaiting the stars' retreat into the ceiling
The fan begged buzzing for attention
My weathered eyes were too much for dealing
A small breeze hit the wall of curtains
They danced in an outline of your girth
Moonlight flickers along my bed
Like a fire trying to escape from the earth
A tear rolled down across my face
carrying the dimness of my heartbeat
straining to find a single star,
and left a damp circle on my pillow sheet
Another exiled my drowning eyes
This time it stopped at the fold of my jaw
The weight of my emptiness embedded inside
A sudden scene exploded from my remembrance
Huddle in a forest's dark hour
The lake complete it like a movie set
but the entire world was a-lour
when the stars entered through my mouth
Calling back, the curtains pulled apart
And moonlight pushed into my heart
Through the prism still resting on the bed of my cheek
the light spread to the shadowed ceiling
And the galaxy in its new glow
arranged itself to draw your face
It was so fitting you abode
in my room's ethereal depths of space
I rose to meet the moon and stars
and gently i parted my lips
Just before we met my eyes collapsed
and i dreamt that you and had kissed