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Here's some vids for your enjoyment.... wait... enjoyment??
The Ramones Live At The CBGB!! 1974 Judy is a Punk NYC- Interpol (official):Directed By Doug Aitken/Associates In Science NYC - Interpol (non-official):Recording Session:By SESSIONS@AOL PDA- Interpol Directed By Christopher Mills Obstacle 1 - Interpol Directed By Floria Sigismondi Protest Song - ANTI-FLAG
'Here is a clipart style video of the protest song submitted by 17-year old A-F Army Member named Alex Burkat from Philadelphia.' -ANTI-FLAG
Protest Song - ANTI-FLAG
'This is the second protest song video we've recieved, this has footage from a protest in Phoenix. Erin Haleen at submitted this video to us.' -ANTI-FLAG
WARNING!! the following videos are really... reall...y stupid. but funny, so go anyways.
Weeeee! - Joey The Christmas Squirrel Hypothermia - Joey The Christmas Squirrel School Bus - Joey The Christmas Squirrel A B C's For Kids - Joey The Christmas Squirrel