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the rhyming and rythm aren't very consistent but ah well 
Unplug the Clock
You couldn't imagine
the night hours lamp-lit
by spark of moonlight hypnotist
hidden from my creviced doorway
my persistence to inspire you
to impress you
hoping a swirl of lapsing ink
will catch a tangle in your eyes
as air worms dance with jerking glance
too many glances, i'd rather not see at all
and if i were to hang myself on a voice
i'd rather never heard your noise
the squeak, the glazed peep, that made the air moist
i breathed in your warmth
it burned in my blood stream
past my mind and heart to my finger tips
seeping out my eyes and trembling lips
but soon i'll remember
its a laugh and nothing more
not just one laugh, counting from my lore
it makes me choke the simplicity
as if my lungs had found an addiction
but here the air is different
the night is cold here
so i wrap myself in the curves, these words
and ponder a tad more here
will your heat melt my pen tip
before you, will the ink run down my paper cheek
will your touch flatten my embedded print
will you even know what i mean
will you remember my blood steam
will you ever know your pupil's beam
will you ever even take the time
to find my lame discordant rhymes
no, at most you'll see the letter space
at most you'll see an outlined page
if this does ever greet your face
as quickly as your eyes do pace
i'm shunned by expression on your face
confusion in my heart's blue lace
exchanged for metaphoric phase
a fear roots in my troubled head
each phrase and ray decorated
with pretty words again, again
this fear is drumming at my bed
so please keep your eyes in steady speed
my only love for poetry
and you, my dear, so listen please
my hand swirves only to touch your mind
give you a glance from my eyes sight
yourself, inspiration in my life
so darling please, just take your time