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Bands (and stuff) I Hate
ah well its really late, i'm tired, and bored as hell. i've been contemplating whether to put this page on for a while but uh... well i guess it couldn't hurt... much. alright then, bands/groups/mcs/"artists" i hate...: good charlotte taking back sunday matchbox romance dashboard confessionals blink 182 thursday yellowcard avril lavigne the sex pistols midtown simple plan any bands like nsync, britney spears, christina aguilara, etc. jay z nelly dmx the ataris limp biscuit metallica 50 cent any other cents fat joe any other of those crappy mtv/bet (does anyone still watch bet?) rappers eminem green day finch A.F.I. Rufio Fiona Apple Sum41 Chavelle That band thats like "deed da lee na neee nee nee neeeee".... you know... uh... alot more but i'm tired and i'll probably never update this page. later g8er