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aahhh anti-flag... the band that opened the door to the punk scene... for me. gosh, what can i say about anti-flag. they're awsome. they've stepped up to many political, moral, and social problems this world is facing. commercialism, hierarchism, idolism, imperialism, immoral descrimination, violence, addiction, abuse, you name it. along with what they stand for they just plain fuckin rock. always fast, always catchy, always makin' you throw your fist up in the air for some reason, God knows what. although some people proclaim the lead singer(justin sane)'s voice to be whiny you just gotta love for what they stand for. peace, love, unity, justice, and all that good shtuff deep down ;). if you just can't seem to dig their sound, atleast listen to culture revelution. shit... that song is the FUCKING COOLEST. seriously, i almost shit ma pants first time i listened to it. and i hate myself for missing them in the warped tour... everyone said it was crazy. shiz. ahh man theyre the coolest. so c'mon... join the a-f army today!