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the name's [The] greg. i just graduated from bss and next year i'll be at isa. after that i'm gonna take over the world using only play-doh and a bendy straw. but let's not skip ahead. lets.... see... oh. i'm 13 years old (turning 14 on june 30th) and everything's going good so far(shhh dont tell aol . what else can i say about myself? hmm.. i really like music. well, who doesn't like music? maybe this guy . but i love music so its different :). really, music has been a giant influence on my life since about the 1st grade. beleive it or not i was into bands like weezer, greenday, nirvana, & bush back then. i love listening to each individual instrument, samples, noises, accents, pronounciation, beat, everything. i could listen to a song and find something new about it everyday for a month. music is something that has helped me philosphically and characteristicly. i'm not into much of the mainstream stuff most listen to on mtv, radio, or whatever. if u havn't been there already here's a list of my fave bands. but enough about that.

alright, what next? hmm. well i'm against bigotry. i don't hate gays or Christians or Satanists or Arabs or Atheists. and i try not to judge anyone that does. for all we know, there just might be an intelligent bigot out there to defy the odds. umm... i guess i'm semi-goth. (gothic- obsession with morbidity, pain, and death, but does not advocate the acts of morbidity, pain, or death.). i'm not obsessed. i'm just very streightforward, mostly satircal when it comes to things liket that [i eat irish babies]. but i'm not one of those "death is everywhere" peoples. but wait... why am i saying this? you know me ;). but on a serious side i'm very strongly a humantarian. i have a very high respect for human life. but on to the more exciting stuff. i'm also active in something called culture jamming. its making a creative public political statement, illegally. find out more about it at well im tired and i can't think anymore so THATS IT!. maybe il update this page anothr day. (laughs like a madman, laughter fades into the darkness)
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