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Lesson Plan: Sixth Grade

Topic: Rights and Responsibilities of (Catholic)

Objective: Students will identify certain rights and
responsibilities mandated by their faith. What is the
chuch asking of its faithful? How should we treat
others? Who is my neighbor?

Lesson: Students listened to the story of the Good
Samaritan. They identified how the man who was robbed
and beaten had been treated. How his rights as one of
God’s creatures had been violated. They then
identified what responsibilities the two strangers who
passed by the injured man first had not met. They
discussed the importance of the Samaritan and his
actions toward the beaten man, which showed Christian
responsibility toward his neighbor. Students
identified and discussed The Precepts of the Church.
Students identified and discussed the Works of Mercy.
These two fundamental parts of our Church help us live
out the Good News of Jesus.

Faith Response: Students were asked to respond briefly
to the following question. How does Catholic Social
Teaching call us to follow the example of Jesus?

Some quotes from Sixth Grade

Xavier Munoz: “As Christians we have responsibilities.
We are called to take care of all God’s creatures.”

Judy Cantu : “… it helps us to see that each and every
person shares the same human dignity.”

Omar Pedraza: “We should show mercy to people who are
suffering with love and compassion.”

Valerie Robles : “We can follow his examples by
helping others. We can clean up our neighborhood. We
can watch our brothers and sisters to help our

Nicholas Prijic : “It calls us to do God’s will and
spread the good news.”

Anthony Catalano : “It commits us to the welfare of
all people. We are called to respect the life and
dignity of other people.”

Eduardo Hernandez: “We should help those who are poor
or needy, and pray for those who are in wars, and pray
for world peace.”

Diandra Rodriguez: “…we should be kind and respectful
to all our brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters
means everyone in the whole world.”

Patricia Tamayo: “It calls us to be aware of things
that are going on around the world.”