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Axim-PSP Gamepad

Welcome to the journal/how-to/brain-dump of my design and construction of a gamepad for my Axim x50v. A ginormous thanks to this guy for his how-to on converting a NES gamepad to control an ipaq. This blog will document my process in constructing my own gamepad that will make my Axim look like a PSP.

I've been sorely disappointed in the Pocket PC industry for not giving us gamers a product that will let us play our games without relying on tiny hardware buttons and sensitive "soft keys." Personally, I hate soft keys because I never know if I'm hitting them, I'm afraid I'll press too hard and damage the digitizer, and I end up with fingerprints all over my screen.

The one offering that looked like it would be our savior (this thing) turned out not to fit anything bigger than a phone. (rips out hair...)

The only choice we are left with is to take matters into our own hands and fire up those soldering irons.

First off, the theory: