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Southern Student Organizing Committee

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"We as young Southerners, hereby pledge to take our stand now to work for a new order, a new South, a place which embodies our ideas for all the world to emulate, not ridicule. We find our destiny as individuals in the South in our hopes and in our work together as brothers."
Ė Nashville, Tennessee (April í64)

The Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC) came into existence in the mid 1960ís. It was a group made of white college students, and its goal was to promote civil rights for all Americans. The members of SSOC were middle class, college educated, progressives and their views on racial equality often resulted in social and economic hardships. The drawbacks of their progressive visions forced them to reconsider their stances on racial issues and often softened their stances. The SSOC also had connections with the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) which operated in the North. The SDS was a more radical group and this mentality prevented them from garnering support in the South which was a much more conservative area. The SSOC encouraged rebellion in the form of nonviolent activities, such as sit-ins. As the group grew they began to take on other issues such as the Vietnam War and poverty to name a few. The anti-war demonstrations became a big part of the groups organized activities. As the group grew in size to take on more issues the focus was lost. There was a disappearance of direction and this ultimately resulted in the groupís demise before the end of the decade.