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His strength is never-ending,...
...its what gets me through each day.

And It All Beings: December 29th, 2005

So I was bored, and I decided to look at the Xanga Skins because everyone else seemed to be getting funky layouts and whatnot. Well I found a cool one, and then spent about an hour editing it, to find out that since I do not have Xanga Premium that I can not use it. So thats when it all began... or well, continuted to exist. I've started using my html knowledge again to create this webpage, and I plan to keep on building. My broswer doesnt support frames, which majorly sucks, but I'll just learn some CSS or whatever and it'll all be good.This can easily be done with a blogger, but I actually did ALL the html myself! But I will say this, it would be sooo much quicker if I actually had a mouse to use.

Icky Eggnog: December 28th, 2005

I tried eggnog for the first time yesterday, I do not like it. I very very very much dislike eggnog.

Can we say over dramatic was sarah?....

I freaked out last night, it was funny. The container said 'Jan 05' ; and I took it as it was eggnog that was a year over its expiration date and that's why it tasted so horrid... Mike had just drank a bunch of it too. So I poured the rest of the what had been an almost full container of eggnog down the drain and threw the box away. But when I told Andrew the story, he told me it meant the 5th of January and not January in 2005, because dairy products do not last long at all, and if they are kept too long they turn green and chunky. To say the least, I feel quite stupid now. But even though it wasn't a year over the expiration date, it really almost made me throw up like 3 times.