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Brooks married Cochran in 1972

Cochran born of Carter and Cochran marriage
  Frankie Cochran married Annie Lee Alice Carter in 1951

Brooks born of Brooks and Thornton marriage - X
  James Edgar Brooks Jr married Mary Ella Thornton
Carter was adopted but was born to Fenn and Stone marriage
  Grandpa Cecil Carter married Emma Alice McClain

Cochran was born to Miller and Cochran marriage
  Grandpa Frank D Cochran married Luella Ellen Coonfield
Brooks was born to Brooks and Ballard marriage
  James Edgar Brooks married Susie Mae Cooper

Thornton was born to Thornton and Hood marriage
  Milton Elijah Thornton married Bessie Mae Hood
Great Grandpa William Frank Fenn married Anna Lou Stone in 1893, divorced about 1900 and both remarried.

Great Grandpa Charles Allen McClain married Emma Lorena Bozeman in 1908

Great Grandpa Jacob Benjamin Cochran and his second wife Clora Jane Miller came from Iowa to Kansas about 1890 and had Frank Delbert Cochran.

Great Grandpa Benjamin Wallace Coonfield married Lattie Cedonia Little in 1891.

Great Great Grandpa John Fenn/Fann married Emeline Harrell in GA and had our William Frank Fenn in Tuskegee Alabama in 1855

Great Great Grandpa Dempsey Harrell stayed in Georgia?

Great Great Grandpa Josiah Marion McClain left his first wife in GA and came to Alabama in the Civil War and married Elizabeth Broadway in Ramer Alabama and had our Charles Allen McClain.

Great Great Grandpa John Thomas Bozeman married Alice Lorena Stephens in Ramer Alabama and had our Lorena Emma Bozeman.
John Brooks married Roxanna Permilia Smith in Tennessee about 1860; John came from Pennsylvania and his father was from Holland and his mother was from France.  John's son, John, married Annie Clark Ballard in Tennessee and they moved into Alabama and are buried at Greenwood Cemetery.

Cooper, Levi Benjamin married Sallie Carter in 1884 in Montgomery AL and his family came from Chambers County Alabama.


Hood, Bessie Mae's parents were Wesley Hood and Ella Mae O. and they are all buried at Caine's Chapel Cemetery in Holtville, Alabama.

Thomas S Smith married Caroline M Bond in 1840 Maury Co, TN

John Brooke of Holland had John, Christine, Edward and Henry.

James Calvin Ballard married Willie Eudora Florence Craig in 1876 TN

Charner P. Cooper of South Carolina married Sara F. Lee in 1845 Chambers AL

Thomas Randolph Carter married Mary Josephine Hereferd about 1861 and had Sallie Carter.  After Mary passed away, Thomas married Lacy Bozeman, daughter of Jesse Bozeman.

Charner Cooper's mother is only known as Alsey.  His father was Andrew Cooper of South Carolina.

Elija Lee married Matilda Phillips about 1830

John L Hereford married Jemima Ramey about 1818

John Wise Carter came from South Carolina to Talledega Alabama.

William M Craig married Rebecca Carolina Pennington in 1860

Larkin Frances Ballard married Rowena Densy Baxter in 1847 TN

James Baxter Jr married Hester Ward of NC in 1829 TN

James Milton Ballard married Kissiah Dickens of NC abt 1820

William Pennington married Gracey

David C Craig married Catherine Connelly of NC in 1832

John Baptist Bond married Catherine Kitty Stone of NC in 1819 TN - X
 Henry Smith of a Virginia John Smith lineage married Sinia Evans in 1819 TN
Cochran, Jacob, said his ancestors came from Scotland.

Millers came from Ireland, where Reverend Alexander Miller is found in Rockingham Virginia and Charles Weatherford is found in Charlotte VA in the 1810 census just one year before his daughter married John C Wright.

Several other family names were in Pennsylvania Quaker areas, New York Indian County, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and they all ended up in Ohio
and Kentucky around 1800.  They began to move west and some served in the wars and some searched for gold.  Jacob Cochran apparently became an apple farmer in Kansas.

Charles McClain married Elizabeth Moon in VA and they moved into the Carolinas.

John Fann of England married Mary Stone in VA and their children moved south as some were Indian Traders.

The Bozemans/ Bosmans are found in the 1600s Maryland and VA where they got together with the Stephens, Andersons, Brack, Sellers and even a Doty which connects us to the Mayflower.

John Stephens came from Florida to the Carolinas to fight in the Rev War
and married A full blood Cherokee, before coming to Alabama.

Captain George Little of Scotland was in the American Revolution in South Carolina and went to Kentucky about 1800.


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