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PEACHY GREETINGS to all who have stopped by my lil corna of Ebony Voices. . . Im a person that is happy with life in general, always looking to improve myself and my life and that of those around me. I enjoy writing poetry, listening to music and meeting people.

You will find me a rare combination of things that all merge into what makes me what I am. (Most people are glad it is rare...**giggle**) I am sometimes formal and sometimes out there making people laugh. Depends on the flow. I am very accepting of people as they are or what they say they are. I have a great sense of humor. I tend to throw things out there just for effect sometimes ~~ so you gotta keep an eye out.

I live daily by positive thinking. I am hardworking and determined to be all that I can be. I believe all people who enter my life are there to learn from me and I from them. I enjoy meeting people, having fun and simple conversation from which we can grow. I won't sit here and tell things about myself that are not true or set unrealistic standards and expections on anyone. If something doesn't go exactly right, I just give it to Him. All I can do is the foot work and then give it to God, my higher power, and let Him guide me in the right direction.

Happy, friendly, loving, caring, sensuous, talented, optimistic, positive, intelligent --- yep that's me! Ohhhh wait I forgot QUIET. Now ~~ yup that's me. . .but in times of adversity, it is my faith in God and belief in who God ssay I am that drives me over and through whatever hurdles I encounter.

Do you know that what looks good is not always what good. So often, we look at others and compare ourselves to them. And often, we come up short. We look and say, "Oh she's 25 and she's done this, this, this and this. Or we watch people who "have it all together" and we begin to get down on ourselves. We find any number of ways to compare ourselves to the next person and come up short. STOP!

There's a saying that the "grass is always greenier on the other side." Well, their water bill is higher too. And guess what? You can have green grass if YOU seed, water and fertilize your own lawn. you can not have what somebody else has if you are not willing to go through what they went through. But anywayyyyy...moving right along. . .I need to implore upon you, this day, to stop comparing yourself to others. LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY. Each of us has our own thorns. Be it trying to survive as a single parent, weight, spouse problems, financial woes, children won't act right, over-worked/underpaid issues, loneliness, confusion, etc. No matter what it is, you have got to love you, and if you can't do that right now, at least quit comparing yourself to others because you don't know what that person is going through.

One reason my friends like me is simply because I like to have fun, I am outgoing, loyal and honest and friendly.

So do come back now ya heah...**waving atcha like Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies**