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The Bride and Groom

About the Bride
The bride's parents are Lee and Cathie Snider, Muncie. Ms. Snider, a graduate of Muncie Central High School, is a Children's Assistant at Yorktown Community Library and is pursuing an A.A.S. degree in Administrative Office Technology through Vinceness University. Also she has been an active volunteer in her community, serving the needs of the impoverished and those unexpectantly pregnant.

About the Groom
The groom's parents are Mark and Debbie Coers, Yorktown. Mr. Coers, a graduate of Yorktown High School, graduated from Vinceness University with an A.A.S. degree in Natural Resources and Enviromental Science, and is a Direct Support Specialist at Damar Services, Inc. Mr. Coers, an avid lover of the outdoors, also was a mentor in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, from 1998 to 2000.

Our Story
It starts out 14 years ago. An occupational therapist we've known for a few years outgrew her home office and she was moving her business into a building she leased on the south side of Muncie. Both our parents helped her move the equipment into the new office and clean it. Bryce's parents brought him and his younger sister, Natalie and Rachael and her two sisters came with her parents. She was 10 yrs old and Bryce 13. "I only remember talking to his sister, I think I was too boy shy at the time. Bryce's mom had brought those fluffy starkist peppermints and I loved them." Cathie (mother of the bride) was offered a position as office manager and Debbie (mother of the groom) assisted and volunteered her time and energy and they so often worked side by side. The occupational therapist had picnics/get together with employees, friends, and family at her home, located out in rural Lapel at the time. At this time, most of her patients were children. Rachael remembers, "I briefly recall seeing Bryce and his family there. I remember one of the kids complaining about having pea salad over at the next table. I swear if could of been Bryce (he dislikes most veggies)."
Bryce went on to a Yorktown, a local county school. Bryce enjoyed soccer and his freshman year, Bryce joined the soccer team, which Lee (father of the bride) coached. Rachael recalls some of the soccer teamís dinners, "Of course our family, being the coach's family went to soccer dinners and banquets to show our support. One year, while at a team breakfast before the homecoming parade, I noticed a cute guy my age kicking the ball around. I asked my dad what his name was and he told me Bryce. As we climbed into our van afterwards, my two sisters gave me a hard time about having a crush on him."
Around Bryce's junior year of high school, the occupational therapist decided to sell her business and move to Florida. At the going away party for her, Rachael followed Bryce to every table he was sitting at and tried to make conversation. Her flirtations did not go unnoticed by their parents. His parents told him this and he had never realized it (he wasn't interested in dating in high school).
In late March of 2000, Cathie received a call from Debbie that Bryce was getting ready to call Rachael. Rachael recalls this exciting day, "My mom got off the phone with someone and told me that I'd be receiving a special phone call. I got a phone call from Bryce asking me to his senior prom! Of course I said yes. I was practically jumping up and down screaming in excitement." Prom was held April 8, 2000 in the ball room of the Paramount Theater in Anderson. After prom, Bryce and Rachael went out as friends to various activities such as mini golf and ice cream and for pizza at his parent's house. In May of 2000, Rachael's older sister, Anne was getting married and Bryce's family (now long-time family friends) also attended the wedding and following reception. "At the reception afterwards, I asked Bryce to dance with me. He was a little embarrassed and felt awkward at first, saying no, but finally said ok after a little prompting from his parents. We had a great time and chatted, getting to know each other as we slow danced." On June 7, 2000, Bryce called Rachael and told her that it was official, they were going steady. It has been six and a half years now and they're still going stronger than ever. Rachael's parting thoughts, "Our families are still family friends. He is a part of my family, and I of his. His mom is like a second mother to me and I look up to her."

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