The Right Wing

Hey. My name is SirTsiversen. This is where you are subjected to all the "Right Wing" propaganda I can muster. < /sarcasm >

Honestly though, I do plan on pushing my point of view here. Why? It's because my point of view is right. If my point of view weren't right, then I wouldn't be holding that point of view. So there!

I'll be working on this a lot as I go along, and it'll look really ugly until I get it all fixed, but hey, an ugly page for an ugly person. Too bad that I won't get better looking as the page does. Ready to embark on a journey to shed your simple mind of all the politically correct garbage it has accumulated over the years? Then get ready for, "The Right Wing."

Thanks to Julie for finding the right wing!

Article by SirTsiversen on abortion.

Article by SirTsiversen on the recall controversy in California.

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