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Well, for my first article, I'll be discussing the issue of abortion, and recommending some reading for you to enlighten yourself with. Ready for the evil Right Wing to start its work? Here goes!

Abortion... What is it? Those who are for it say it is just ridding the mother of an undue stress upon her mental faculties. Those who are against it will tell you that it is the purposeless killing of an unborn child. I'm here to say that it's... neither.

Those who think that I'm contradicting my unabashedly Right Wing views when I say that abortion is not the purposeless killing of an unborn child will now be reassured by my next statement. Abortion does have a purpose! To make abortion providers money! That's it. There is no practical, moral, or health reason for abortion. Just convenience for the mother of the child, (as she won't have to worry about taking care of it now) and the finances of the doctor. Do you really think that doctors are in this for the good of the woman? There are countless studies that have linked increases in risks of breast cancer to abortions! There are also a couple (admittedly rare) instances where doctors carved their initials into the womb of the mother after the abortion was over. Don't believe me? Here are multiple links!


From the 20/20 website.

Funny side note: If you do a search for Allan Zarkin, you will find many results, but from what I saw, all the major media centers "forgot" to mention that Mr. Zarkin was an abortionist. You will find that relevant piece of information at the pro-life websites.

The above is just one example of abortionists not being nice guys, and doing this for the women. If that were the case, they would charge them at cost for the abortion, plus an extremely small profit. It's not like it costs a lot to hack a lady open, pull the kid out and toss it in the trash. Your tools are re-useable.

Another thing I ought to say, before I fall into that horrid pit of oversight, is that there are some pro-lifers, (read one or two) that have killed abortion doctors in their zeal to protect the unborn. I totally disagree with their actions. They should have let the laws take shape, and one day, when this nation comes to it's senses, they would have been punished had they continued their heinous crimes against humanity. They were wrong... but so are the abortionists. Be sure to think about everything.

One common symptom of the disease called "liberalia politicotus views estupidus" is seen when an infected individual will constantly spout on and on about how the evils of one individual will stereotype an entire group they disagree with, when the evils of one person in a group they agree with, are just explained away as a bad seed. This is the case with Zarkin and the abortion clinic bomber, Eric Rudolph. The poor souls will scream and rant and rave about how evil the anti-choicers are for killing an abortion doctor, when they hush up the people like Zarkin, and John Biskind.

CBS News article on Biskind case.

More will be added later.