As nobody knows, (nor do they care) I am very fond of writing abnormally long essayish thingies for profiles. Too bad they all get deleted the next time I shut down the computer. I've decided, through wise advice and counsel, (coming from no one related to me, interestingly enough) that profiles are there to reflect on your life. Sorta like the diary (for you female types)/journal (for you guys who can't stand the sound of anything that has the Y sound in it) entries that don't have anything embarrassing in them. So what do I do about this conclusion? Amazingly enough, for the first time ever, I decide to do the hard thing.




I'm scared senseless lately. Many reasons, many, many different reasons. One is that I'm finally breaking my streak of 11 years of hooky, (12 if you're one of those lunatics that think's Pre-K is actually worth calling educational) and attending an institution of education. Oh great, I've actually sunk to calling Franklin Central School an "institution of education". That shows how scared I am. I'm being dead serious even with all the jokes. I don't want to go there. I don't know what to expect. Am I going to flop miserably with the class schedule I'm taking? Franklin did send 2 students to Cornell from the class of 2003, (now let's see if they actually stay there though) so maybe they do have a better standards system than I thought. I might be wrong. That's another reason I'm scared, but I'll talk about that later. Will I fail in Calculus, or will Physics be my stimbling block? Or maybe... my pride? Yeah, humble little idiot Iversen. Proud. Those of you who know me.... all 1/3 of you, know I'm proud. I admit it. I am. Now all of you know. Now believe it. I was too proud thinking Franklin would be a piece of cake even with a class schedule that makes college students shudder. Now I have to think. Do I swallow my pride and go through with this, praying 60/60/24/7/40, that I make it through with just passing grades? Or do I withdraw and fall back on good ole homeschooling? It's possible. We have the curricula already to be used. All I have to do, is say, "Screw Franklin, I'm letting my fear rule me." Obviously, even for a chicken like me, that's out of the question. At least I won't admit that I'm considering it. So the summary of that paragraph is... in a bit paraphrased form with a lot of extra stuff taken out after being added in for no reason... I'm afraid I'll fail some if not a majority of the classes that I plan on taking at FCS.

People... anyone who has talked to me past "Hi" knows that I'm an introverted weenie. What's the definition of weenie? I have no clue. I'm guessing it means introvert, which would make me an introverted introvert. The worst of the worst. Only known specimen, Timotheus Iversenias. Some of you may not believe me, (I now glare in your general direction). But I need to thank some of you for getting past the weenie on the outside, and getting to know the inner weenie. Ya'll know who you are. And if you don't, then consider this my thank you to you, because I don't think I could handle an actual personal thank you without bursting into tears and short circuiting the computer. Although that means we'd finally get something to replace this dinosaur of a computer, but then I'd be in trouble. So thanks to the people who know me. And if you think the above is a crock of bull, then you're one of the people who doesn't know me. Summary of that paragraph? Thanks for getting to know me, and still staying within a twenty mile radius.

I'm frightened of the future. What does the future hold? Where will I be a year from now? Three years from now? Ten years from now? Will I be at Liberty, Houghton or Patrick Henry Colleges/Universities? Will I even go to college? Will I survive my first 2 years in college? In three years, will I have any clearer view of what I'm going to do? I have no clue right now. Will I become a local representative in the NY Senate? Or will I be one of those annoying talking heads on TV that interrupts the ball game scores with another fake, "Fox News Alert!" God, I hope not. Will I meet people at college that will get to know the inner weenie? Will people I know now be going to the same college as me? If so, is that a good thing or a bad thing? I would probably have to say bad. College will have to be a time for me to break away from what I've grown comfortable with over these past 3 years. If I went to the same college as people I know, I'm afraid I would start ignoring them hoping to become a more self-sufficient person. Will I be able to adapt to college with friends attending with me, and still be a successful person in life? More important, will I be a stumbling block to any of my friends? If so, please warn me in advance, so I can find a conveniently sized boulder, some nice thick shackles and chains, so I may proceed to toss myself over the nearest bridge before I hurt someone. But all that is considering that I go to college with people I know. What if I do go to a college where I know no one. Probably good in the long run because I can work on my as-of-now-non-existant people skillz. Horrid in the short term, because I will be extremely vulnerable without people I've trusted over the years to keep me in check. Damn tears, blocking the view of the stupid keyboard. Summary? What will I be when I wake up tomorrow? Will I wake up? Other various questions that can never be answered before they happen. I hate it when stuff happens and I have no knowledge of it beforehand. Summary of that stupidly long summary? I don't know what I'm going to do.

So what do those above paragraphs mean? Besides the fact that I have way too much time on my hands. Anyone? No, please sit down. Yes I'm talking to the introverted weenie who made the answer. Argh. If Mr Introverted Weenie is the only one with the answer, then I guess he'll have to give it. Mr. Weenie?

Me> YAY I get to answer a question.

Narrator> Just hurry up, I'm getting a migraine.

Me> Sorry, I'll be quick.

Narrator> Thank God

Me> Every day! Now, the answer to the above is that I'm going through a horrible couple of weeks. These weeks aren't going to end any time soon. I'm gonna need a lot of prayer. Like, if an hour of prayer equals an ounce, then I'm gonna need a couple tons of the stuff. What for specifically? Being a good witness at Franklin. Getting a better view of the future, but only if God wants it. He might want to surprise me. Heck, for all I know I might be running a mutual fund while testing out roller coasters. Unlikely, but this is God we're talkin bout. I'm also gonna need prayer for my relationships with people. Right now, I think I'm not doing too well. I'm still way too sarcastic, and has been evidenced by this novel-length profile, I talk too much. I need to become a better listener, and a more humane person. I'm also gonna need prayer for academics. At this rate, I'm taking 2 classes in this year that are recommended to be done in seperate years to retain any semblance of sanity. I'm also taking another two classes that combined will make it three classes that should be kept a year away from each other. Combine all that with my goal to become more physically fit than the below-average tortoise, by participating in all three sports that Franklin will offer over the course of the school year, and the fact that I'm taking Math A/B for, as I told the superintendant of FCS, "the heck of it" I'm not going to drop anything, unless it turns out that it's totally useless. But still. Pray for meh. I'm needing much lots of it. And also pray that my eyes refresh all the tears used while writing this, so I can remoisturize my eyeballs. They're starting to look and feel like optical raisens. Thanks for teh reading of minezor essay on why life es teh sux. But remember, the crap in life is what makes it worth living. If you want an explanation, then ask.

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