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Me. Myself and I
Monday, 11 August 2003
Hello everyone!!!!!!!
Sighz, first entry, dunno wad to put in. Some pple say blogs are lyk online diaries where u r supposed to pour out ur personal feelings and secrets, but diaries arent meant 4 other pple to see rite??? And imagine if ur fellow classmates discover ur blog and e whole level noes everything, i mean, dat would be "the do all and the end all" (-macbeth)! Dats e ironic thingy... nvm... anyway i shuld stop speaking crap and juz start an intro which i hope would bore u to slp... Im someone living in Singapore, which is juz a small little red dot on e map, a population of over 3 million, located off e coast of.... zzzz.... ok, im someone living in Singapore, currently 14, studying in a sec skool (duh). As wif all teenagers, i've got alot of probs... Well known arnd e skool cos of juz some slightly protruding teeth which now, are already taken care of by braces, but still renowned as e 20th element of e periodic table as well as a species in e rodent family. Also known as e chess freak, something which i take pride in as i m a chess freak, having won many prizes. ("hahaha" some of u might say)Well, skool sux as everyone (including myself) say. And as to my increasingly lame class chairman if he ever reads my blog, and hu never fails to spice up classes with a couple of lame jokes, " Fleance fleed!" and "You can't GAT the GAT test results, GAT it!", the latter being the one he made out of accident, thus he really has a natural talent! Anyway, studies r gd, got 3rd in class last year overall, got 1st in class 4 this year's mid year, 2nd in literature (i really thought i was gonna fail!!!) and 2nd in life science (btw, haf i told u dat i was also called e science freak???). And after many years of trial and error, i haf finally found out e secret to scoring gd marks-- study 6 hours b4 the exam! (in other words, study last minute, or study till 2am, both works fine) But off course my frens juz tink im jokin or trying to make it sound easy, well, sighz, you juz cant make green eyed idiots see the light. And the reason y i din name my skool is becos if anyone noes my skool, they would probably noe me, besides, its one of the top boys skools in singapore (whoops, but hu cares, there r a handful of such skools). Anyway, doing well in chess too, and in chess i mean international chess, (though i play chinese chess but i stil;l sux a little at it!)and dun ask moi to list down all e prizes dat i won (U crazy???), juz dat i represent singapore in the 2nd and 3rd asean chess championships. AS 4 my lovelife, well, its totally screwed, so juz dun ask, k? But if u haf any useful tips on how to capture a girl's heart, please tell me asap(and this is coming from one desperate guy to another). ok, hopefully i haf covered intro veh well, if anything lacking, juz give moi ur comments ok and i will try to add em in.

Now, national day juz finished, same things, same fireworks which never fail to amaze pple, and same march past (how do they do dat in sync???) and same old items depicting the struggle of a nation to independence, and after. Sighz, national inter club over. Apparently made a BIG wrong decision (lyk i always do). ok, will try to phrase this as clear as possible. Firstly, was gonna play 4 my skool, budden the chess trg organisation which trains my sis, and sometimes moi (not e national squad) asked me (or rather my dad) whether i wanted to join its team. So i tot their team would be stronger (and really is, stronger) and we would probably win the division 1. The thing i din noe and the team din noe till everything was finalised is that our total rating was, on average compared to the other teams, too high to compete in division 1, so we were pushed up into the highest division, the cut throat national division. As expected, our team, Powerchess asia, which comprises of trainees from the organisation (y cant they juz put in the trainers to kick ass, such as the undefeatable tu brothers???) got, literally, screwed, and ended up first, from the back. Tok abt "powerful chess" from powerchess asia! (lame!, but dats juz me!) sighz, the team from my skool got 1st in the division 1, saved by the skin of their teeth as their ratings were juz below ours, and thus, had an easy tourney. Actually, the other (rather stupid) reason y i joined powerchess instead was because i believed dat they might not let me play, however (shit, now sounding lyk my past year's english and literature teacher), again, made a wrong judgement, as their reserve also played 2 games, the same number dat i played as a reserve 4 my team! Actually, i was scheduled to play the 1st, 4th and 5th games, but in the end, due to "unforseen consequences" as my team captain said, i onli played round 4 and 5.Nvm... Anyway i really dun noe y i always make the wrong decisions... sighz... Gotta go now 4 piano lessons, may blog later, bye!

Posted by blog/sighz at 4:21 PM JST
Updated: Monday, 11 August 2003 4:57 PM JST
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