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[Certain Distant Suns] Bitter
[Certain Distant Suns] All Green To Me
[Certain Distant Suns] Round

[Thomas Lang] I Will
[Thomas Lang] Dry
[Thomas Lang] Unfaithful

[Dmitri Shostakovich] String Quartet No. 8 in Cminor III
[Ottorino Respighi] The Pines Of Rome III
[Jules Massenet] Meditation From Thais

Boyish Desires
[Bizarre] Rentboy
[Depeche Mode] What's Your Name Pretty Boy?
[Depeche Mode] Boys Say Go!
[Razed In Black] Down Boys (Warrant)
[Tales Of Jenny] Other Boys
[The Cure] Three Imaginary Boys

[Sisters Of Mercy] Marian
[Skinny Puppy] Deep Down Trauma Hounds
[Bauhaus] Hollow Hills

Note: These mp3's are copyrighted. Re-distribution & re-selling are not encouraged. Please use them for your personal collection/enjoyment only.