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      1.      I canít figure out what Iím feeling inside.. I canít focus on anything at  all. Suddenly thoughts of you came rushing in, thatís when it hit me.. Iím just missing you. Take care

  2.      If   you want to catch a butterfly, donít run after it. Instead, sit down and open your hand. It will simply land on your palm to rest. Thatís the way to find love.

  3.      Why do you have to make me fall when youíre not going to catch me? It hurts when you didnít catch me when I fell. But it hurts even more to see you catch someone else while I was falling.

  4.      Iím sorry if I let myself love you. Sorry if I canít get rid of you. Sorry, I didnít expect this feeling. But if this is wrong, I donít want to be connected because I love you unexpected

  5.      You asked me whom I love. I said ďmy life!Ē You turned and walk out. A tear fell from my eye because you walked away when I was about to say ďYou are my lifeĒ

  6.      Iíve dispelled love to protect my heart till the day I meet the right one. But you came along and what I once protected so long is once again yearning anew.. What can I do? Iím so in love with you!

  7.      Losing the one you love really hurts. Some people say that youíll get over easily. But really, it isnít. Especially when that person you love was the only one you ever did..!!

  8.      It feels sad when we want to express our feelings to the person we love, but hold back because they have chosen another. Then, when they get hurt, we can only whisper..Ē AKO DI KITA PABABAYAAN!Ē

  9.  If  thereís one thing to hold, it would be your hand. If thereís one thing to kiss, it would be your lips. One thing to steal, it would be your heart. One thing to win, it would be your love. If thereís one person to love, it would be you.

  10.  Donít shed tears for someone who hurts you. Donít feel sorry if you failed when you tried your best.  You should not be stupid enough to fall in love with someone whoís stupid enough not to fall for someone as special as you.  

11. One day you decide to gave up on me . I'll understand.. and if  I remember you, I'd be grateful for the fact na minsan kaw un isa sa mga taong sumalo sa 'kin at nagpaalala na: hindi ako nag-iisa.

12. When I know things are not meant for me, I learn to let go.. It doesn't mean I'm weak.. but I'm just showing how strong I am to fight the urge of wanting something I'm not supposed to have...

13. Who should be blamed when a leaf fall from a tree? Is it the wind that blew it away? or the tree that let it go? or is it the leaf itself which never held tight?

14. One day when I was sad, the moon told me " Hey, if he doesn't love you, why don't you leave him?"  Then I look back to the moon and says " Moon, would you ever leave your sky?"

15. I have committed a lot of mistakes in my life, I'm not a perfect person but I'm trying to be, but there's one thing I did right, that's when I followed my heart to make you a part of it.