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I start with the name of Allah who is the most beneficient and merciful.

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 Full Name :                    Akbar Shah.            
 Place Of Birth:               Karachi.                       
 Zodiac Sign:                   Libra.
 Height:                            5 ft 8 inches. 
 Qualifications:               M.Com, B.Ed & Computer Diploma from Petroman. 
 Hobbies:                          Study, Cricket. 
 Ideal Personality:           Hazrat Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him).
 Favorite Dish:                Chicken.
 Favorite Music:              Any Kind of Music.
 Favorite Sports:              Cricket, Football. 
 Favorite Program:          Koun Bane Ga Crorr Pati.
 Favorite Actors:             Amitabh, Salman Khan.
 Favorite Actress:            Ashoria Rai.
 Favorite Players:           Saeed Anwar, Afridi, Inzamam, Lara.  
 Favorite Announcers:   Moin Akhtar & Umar Sharif.
 Memorable Day:             When I Performed Hajj.
 Worst Day:                     When I didn't get A Grade in 2nd year Engineering,
 My Wish:                        Go to Abroad  for further Study.  
 Favorite Dress:              Paint-Shirt. 
 Favorite Movie:             Dill Ka kya Kasoor.
 Favorite Place:              Switzerland.
 Favorite Book:              Holy Quran. 
 My Assets:                      Parents & Friends.
 My Best Friends:          International FIFA Referee Iqbal  Jr., Majeed,                                                                        Uncle Ameer Bux, Nasir Umrani.   
 Future Plans:                I want to do some thing amazing for my country.
 Best Invention:              Computer.
 Best Season:                  Winter.
 Aim Of Life:                  To Meet Great Personalities.
 Experts in Languages:  English, Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi. 
 My Strengths:                Trueness & Character.
 My Weakness:                Beauty.
  Favorite Fruit:              Mango. 
  Favorite Drink:             Tang juice.
 Favorite Poem:              Twinkle Twinlkle Little Star.
 Favorite Poet::               Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Tariq Aziz, Mirza Ghalib.
 Favorite Words            Life, Love. 
 Favorite Animals:         Gorilla, & Tiger. 
 Favorite Subjects:         Computer & English. 
 Favorite Flower:           Red Rose.  
 Favorite Perfume:         Secret.
 Favorite Colors:            Lime, Gray. 
 Favorite Singers:          lata Mangheshkar, Jawad, Raheem Shah, Fakhir. 
 Favorite Teacher:         Sir Peer Bux.
 Favorite Song:              Tere Bina Dil Na Lage. 
 My Message:                   To read Holy Quran with Translation because it is a complete
                                         code of life and try to perform pray.                              


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          My religion is Islam. Islam is the proper name of a religion; it is not pronounced, Izlam, with a "z" sound. The first syllable is pronounced like the end of the word, "bliss." The Arabic word "Islam" means submission in peace, and in practice it is understood to mean submission in peace to the will of God Almighty. It is also understood to mean total peace that comes from surrender to the will of God Almighty (Allah).
                            The people who profess the faith of Islam are called "Muslims," not "Islamics." The word "Muslim" is not synonymous with the word "Arab." Islam originated in Arabia and many of the Arabic speaking people (Arabs) are Muslims, however most of the Muslims in the world are not Arabs. Islam is not a racial or ethnic term. There are Asian, European, African, American and Middle Eastern Muslims, just like there are American, Italian, Polish or African Catholics or just like there are Russian, German, Polish or American Jews. Similarly, there are Muslims of all colors and races.
                              Islam is truly a universal religion. There may be 6 to 8 million Muslims in North America, over 30 million Muslims in Western Europe and 50 to 60 million live in different parts of the Republics that were once a part of Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Turkemenistan, Tajikistan,Kyrghistan, Albania and others). Significant Muslim minorities live in the Far East (such as China, The Philipines, Thai Land, Viet Nam, Burma, Sri Lanka) and in Eastern Europe (Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzigovina). Islam prevails in countries like Egypt, Syria, Jordan Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan, Lebanon, etc.
         Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was the man through whom Allah (God Almighty) transmitted the teachings of Islam to the mankind. He was born in Mecca, a city on the Arabian Peninsula, in 571 AD. He was orphaned before his birth and his mother died when he was six. He was raised by his grandfather till he was nine when his grandfather passed away and his uncle raised him. He did not have the benefit of education and was an unlettered man. As he grew up he worked as a shepherd and as a trader in the caravans.
              At age 25 he was hired by a rich widow, Khadija, to manage her business and trade. Khadija was impressed by the young man's intelligence, hard work, honesty and integrity. They grew to esteem each other's qualities and got married. Mohammad was married to Khadija for twenty-six years and they had five children. Later on Khadija would be the first person to accept Islam, and she is the epitome of a faithful and devoted wife in Islamic history. The society at that time was rife with polygamy, sensuality and sexuality; temporary marriages were a norm amongst the well to do. However, Mohammad remained faithful to his wife Khadija.
         Mohammad grew up in an atmosphere and society of cruelty, lawlessness, war and treachery. He grew up untouched by these prevalent evils. He became famous for his truthfulness, uprightedness, charity and helpfulness. He was a man of kind disposition and was loved by all who knew him. He was deeply troubled by the inhumanity that he saw around him and would leave the city to meditate in a cave on a nearby mountain. One day, when he was 40, he received a message from God Almighty that he had been appointed the Messanger of God.
         He spent the rest of his life in an unending effort to deliver the message of God. One and Only One God
        The belief in the existence of One God is the first article of faith. God is the most High and Exalted, the Creator and the Sustainer of all that exists, and He is far above possessing any creaturely attributes. He is not bound by any of limitations of the human being, or of anything else that He has created. He has no body nor form, no physical attributes or characteristics. He has no begining and no end. He does not beget nor is He begotten, and He has no physical dimensions like hunger, sleep, rest, procreation, etc., for He is the one who gives such attributes and dimensions to His creatures.
The Angels
          God created angels as beings with intellect, but unlike human beings the angels have not been granted free will, and they are subservient to the will of God and carry out God's commands. They are engaged in His service and prayers. Angels serve as protectors of man, and they convey God's messages to man. They also carry out the punishment as God wills. Angel Gabriel (Jibreel in Arabic) conveyed God's revelations to the prophets, including prophet Mohammad. Muslims believe that two or more angels are assigned to each human being to keep a record of all of the deeds and actions until death. This account will be presented on the day of judgment, and the person will not be able to deny it's accuracy.
The Qur'an (The Koran)
           According to the Muslim belief The Qura'n was revealed to Prophet Mohammad through the angel Gabriel in small parts over a period of 23 years. Mohammad had several scribes, and the text was recorded concurrently. The Qura'n has 114 chapters that vary in length from four to 286 verses and it contains about 78,000 words. The Qura'n is believed to be the word of God , spoken through the angel Gabriel and recorded by Prophet Mohammad as God willed it to be.
           The Qura'n regulates every phase of the Islamic law, religious practice, culture and morals. A common Muslim has no doubts about the origin of the Qura'n and does not believe Mohammad to be the author. The Message originated with God Almighty and Mohammad was the chosen man who delivered the Message.
         The Quran spells out specific commands, but it also lays down the principles for many of the tenets that Muslims have to abide by. All of these principles are not fully explained in the Qura'n itself, but in another body of the Islamic literature that is called The Hadees (also written as Hadith). There are six such collections and each collection has multiple volumes. The Hadees, or The Traditions, is a recording of the actions, words, and deeds of Prophet Mohammad. For instance, The Qura'n commands that the Muslims should pray and worship, and pay in charity; the Hadees explains the method of prayer, worship and the acts of charity. The Hadees and The Qura'n are complimentary, but the source of all the principles is The Qura'n.
          The language of The Qura'n is very different from the language of the Hadees and the difference is obvious to all readers. A complete and detailed account of the life of Prophet Mohammad has been preserved in the Hadees, and it is believed to be unparalleled. It deals with the most personal matters of his life, as well as the conduct of war and the affairs of the state.
The Accountability--The Hereafter
      Life on earth is considered to be a minute part of the totality of existence. The life in the hereafter is of infinite duration. Every individual is accountable for his performance in the worldly life and is answerable in front of God on the day of judgment after resurrection. The Qura'n has many moving and rather graphic descriptions of resurrection and the day of judgment. God will raise every one from dead and will reward or punish individuals based on their record; those rewarded will enter paradise and those punished will suffer the torment in the hell.
        An average Muslim believes that God gives life and death and that death may come at any time; thus, every one should try to send on ahead for future existence good deeds that will earn the pleasure of God. With this perception, a Muslim has to live a virtuous life all the time.
The Prayer--Salat
        The prescribed prayer is called salat in Arabic. It is the most visible act of worship and it constitutes the second pillar of the practice of Islam. Prayer is to be offered five times a day (at the break of dawn, at noon, mid-afternoon, at sunset and at dusk after dark.) All able bodied Muslims are to pray five times every day, however there are exceptions. A person who can't physically perform the act of prayer because of sickness is exempted without any feeling of guilt. A traveller can offer half of the prescribed prayer.
      In addition to the five daily prayers, Friday noon prayer is an obligatory congregational prayer. Muslims are required to pray in the mosque with the congregation on Fridays, but they are permitted to get back to their normal business after the prayer. In practice, across the Muslim world Friday is observed as a weekly holiday.
          Fasting is the third act of worship in Islam. Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan every year from the break of dawn till sun set. In addition to physical fasting, Ramadan is the month of spiritual activity at a heightened level.
The Ramadan
         The month of Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims fast in Ramadan every year, and it is also called The month of fasting. Only those adults are required to fast who are physically able to fast. Those who are too weak or ill are not required to fast. Fasting is also not ordered for young children. People who are travelling are not to fast. They can fast at a later date to make up for the missed days of fasting.
      The fast starts at the break of dawn, which is usually about 90 minutes before sun rise. The fast ends at the time of sun set. At the time of fasting the person does not eat or drink or smoke or have sex with the spouse. A fasting Muslim is expected not to speak ill of others, not to cheat or lie or commit other sins.
Eid ul Fitr
         Eid ul Fitr is celebrated after the month of Ramadan. This is a day of enjoyment and it marks the begining of normal activities after a month of fasting. The sighting of the new moon, which is called The Hilal or the crescent on the last day of Ramadan signals the day of Eid. On Eid day the Muslims make preparations to go for Eid prayer by taking a shower in the morning, dressing up in new or clean clothes and putting on perfume or cologne. The Eid prayer is offered at a central place in a big gathering (congregation). The Khutba or the sermon is given after the prayer. Following The Eid prayer, people visit each other, sit and eat together, and exchange gifts.
             The fourth pillar of Islam is charity or the poor's dues. In simple terms, the rich and the well-to-do are obligated to pay in charity to help the needy. This obligatory tax is called zakat, and it is paid out of all assets that the individual possesses, at the end of every year, above and beyond the individual's personal and family needs. It is calculated at a fixed rate of two and one half percent per year.
This plan incorporates elements of old age pensions, social security and all other welfare needs. Zakat is mentioned in The Qura'n almost as often as the salat or prayer is mentioned, and most of the time they are mentioned together. Islam asserts that to meet the needs of other human beings is more important than to pray to God. Haj--Pilgrimage to Mecca
            The Haj or the pilgrimage to Mecca is an essential duty of all Muslims. This duty has to be performed once in a life-time. Only those people are required to go for Haj who are in good health (healthy), who have the money (wealthy) and the means to travel to Saudi Arabia (capable). Haj is performed by visiting Mecca in Arabia at the annual time of Haj. The person who travels to Mecca and carries out the prayers and procedures in and around the grand mosque of Kaba at the time of Haj is called Haji (or the pilgrim). Every year more than one and one half million Muslims from all parts of the world perform Haj at Kaba. This large gathering of Muslims of all races and cultures promotes the international brotherhood and reflects that all Muslims are alike and equal in the sight of God.
Eid ul Adha
          There are two very festive holidays in Islam, the Eid holidays. Eid ul fitar is celebrated at the end of the month of Ramadan. Eid ul adha is celebrated in the month of Zul hejjah or the month of Haj. When Haj is being performed at Mecca, the Muslims all over the world are celebrating Eid ul adha.
         The day starts with a congregational prayer (Salat e Eid) at a central gathering place in every town or city. Everyone dresses in new and clean clothes and attends the Eid prayer. This is followed by visiting friends and family, exchanging gifts, and eating and dining together. This holiday is celebrated much like the day of Eid ul Fitr, however Muslims, who can afford to buy a sheep or a goat, offer the sacrifice. The meat of the killed animal is given to the needy and poor people, some of it is eaten by the family and some is given to the friends. A cow or a camel or a bull can be sacrificed for seven adults.
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                   My Country name is Pakistan. Pakistan is located at the latitude of 23° - 27° North and 61° - 76° east in the Northern Hemisphere. Its occupies an area of  796095 Square KMs or 31043 Square Miles. It shares a long border with India in the east, In the south there is the Arabian sea ,the South west is bordered with Iran , North west with Afghanistan & North east shares a high altitude border with China.                
Physically it is the vast valley of mighty Indus river; which runs through the whole country as its blood line. North Pakistan inherits one of the highest land of the world. the three great mountain ranges Himalayan, Karakorums, & Hindukush meet in a very complex system of mountains, separated by narrow gorges of the rivers. Each mountain range though so close to each other, has a character of its own. The Indus in its early stage cutting through the Himalayas and Karakorums reaches the Hindu Raj (Hindukush) range and Gilgit river. Then the Indus flows in (still young ) between Himalayas & Hindu Raj mountain ranges. Making a very dramatic valley . Dry rugged mountains turn to the green & wet foothills of Himalayas & Hindukush mountains. After meeting with the Kabul river it takes its gigantic gorge into plains. In Punjab it is divided into five rivers which rejoin just before Sind south east , where eventually it dies in a vast delta at Arabian sea.   This fabulous land of river Indus houses about 130.5 Million people belonging to many ethnic groups and tribes. Administratively it is divided into 4 provinces and a centrally administered area (FATA) In the south it is Sindh province. In the South west Baluchistan, Northwest is called North west province and in the east is Punjab the largest population wise province . The North eastern areas and some areas in North west are controlled by the central government.
            Pakistan emerged on the map of world in 1947 but this land has one of the oldest history of the world. This land being a very strategic point between east & West has always been one of the top listed places to conquer by different dynasties and kings. It has received numerous races which ruled it and left their marks behind. Hence Pakistan has so many different tribes and a variety of of colorful traditions. Chronological order of some important dates in the history of Pakistan is given on this site.


   Flag Of Pakistan

Map Of Pakistan

Language & Culture
      The National language is Urdu understood by most of the people all over the country. Most of the Schools teach Urdu as the first language. Each province has its own language and unique traditions and culture. Punjab's Language is Punjabi, Sind Speaks Sindhi, Baluchistan Balouchi and North west has Pushto language. Beside that there are about 15 different dialects and languages spoken in the different parts of the country. Bazaars and marriages are the main center of cultural activities. In every city there is a typical bazaar with crowds of People and heaps of merchandise. Marriages are also bustling affairs large No. of guests 500 - 3000 and a lot of activity are the key features of a marriage. Each tribe adds a spice to its marriages, hence every marriage looks different. The women wear colorful dresses but very modest. Where as men wear more plain dresses with turbans or caps. Again each province has a costume & cap of its own.
        Rupee is official currency of Pakistan. Most of the the trading is done in Rupee but all major currencies are exchangeable at Airports , Hotels , Banks , Shops and Money changers. Usually Money changers give a better rate then the others. All major cities have money changers and one can easily take a taxi to one of them. One can bring in any amount of money in Pakistan in any currency but Very high amounts are best to be declared. From Pakistan carrying More then Rs. 1000 is illegal.
          Pakistan has got a variety of weathers but usually it has a warm climate In the north where average altitude on the surface is 1200 meters 3500 feet the weather has a large variation. In summer it is very hot and in winter very cold. In January in the north 
Entry Point
              All major airlines either fly to Pakistan or have easy connections via Dubai or Bombay. Pakistan international Airlines operates flights from all major cities of Europe, Africa , North America , Far east & Australia. Most flights arrive in Karachi where you can get an easy connection to all major cities of Pakistan There are 3 Private airlines operating Domestic flights and a few International sectors , beside PIA 
From China or Central Asia: Sost is the first town and Pakistani check post in the high mountains of Karakorums range. One can come from China (Taxkorgan Chinese Check post ) Via Khunjerab pass in a half day. Both Chinese & Pakistani governments operate shuttle service between the two cities. One has to go through the basic customs & Immigrations formalities at Sost.
From India: (Amraster) one can enter via Wagah border where there is both custom and Immigration formalities you can reach Lahore 27 KMs from the border in 3 quarters of an hour.
From Iran: From Mashad (Iran ) one can take a Taxi to Pakistani Border, Taftan , there is also a twice weekly train between Quetta & Mashad. Taftan is the Customs and Immigrations of Pakistan. One can stay either in Taftan at PTDC Motel or continue 16 Hrs to Quetta first major city.
By Sea: Sea traffic is allowed via Karachi but there is no service at the moment. There might be a service between Karachi & Dubai at a later stage.
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         Karachi is the largest city and former capital of Pakistan on the Arabian Sea near the Indus River delta. The capital of Sindh province, it is Pakistan's chief seaport and industrial center. Karachi is not just a city. It is a unique city in many ways.

Area and Population

       From a medium-size city of less than 500,000 population in 1947 it grew to well over five million in 1981 and, according to most conservative estimates, has now exceeded 10 million mark. The area of Karcahi divison is about 3,366 sq. km with more than 18 towns and 6 cantonment boards.

Brief History

     This metropolitan city of Karachi was until 1725 A.D. just a barren piece of land , washed on three sides by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. A few fishermen lived in a small huts on the sunny creek.

Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam
Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam

            Quick Facts

More than 10 million
3,336 sq. km.
18 towns
6 cantonment divisons

            There was a pool of water on this barren piece of land which was known as Kalachi-jo-Kun. Kalachi was the name of fisherman whereas kun meant a deep kitch. Therefore, "Kalachi-jo-Kun" meant the deep ditch of Kalacahi, the fisherman.  

A few mud huts sprang around this point and their numbers increased. Gradually a village came into being . This village was called as Kalachi-jo-Ghote, which as time passed grew into prominence.


         Karachi is located on semi-arid zone but due to marine affects, it enjoys a moderate climate. May and June are hottest months of the year with temperature as high as 43.3 degree centigrade while January is the coldest month with temperature as low as 5 degree centigrade. The mean annual rainfall is about 7 inches.


   Karachi is a city that has a large variety of places to go and things to do. In every part of the city there is some club or organization. No matter where you are, you can be guaranteed a good time.

Habib Bank Tower

Habib Bank Tower


Financial Center
Karachi Stock Exchange
Port of Pakistan
Biggest City in Population
Industrial Stronghold
Tallest Building of Pakistan
Habib Bank Tower

      Some of the attractions you will enjoy are handicrafts, particularly rugs and carpets of rare design and beauty, produced by talented artisans. You will find extensive range of restaurants feature cuisine from world over, clean and golden beaches, Theme parks, Zoo, Country & Water parks, Ship breaking tours and many more.

       Karachi is a shoppers paradise. If you have the power to purchase you can get finest products at the most reasonable prices in Karachi. Crockery, furniture, paintings, crystal works, marble products, steel goods, classical stitched clothing, glassware, automobile, watches, best textile products and much more.

Historical Architectures

          Like Lahore you also found many historical buildings in Karachi. To name few, some are like Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam, City Courts, The Empress Market, Liaquat National Library, Karachi Port Trust, Sindh assembly buildings, Sindh Madressah-ul-Islam and Wazir Mansion (Home of Quaid-e-Azam). Other renowned places are like Habib Bank Plaza, MCB Tower, PSO building, Avari Towers. Habib Bank Plaza is the tallest building of the city and the country.

                                                 However, many new building construction poses threat to 50 year dominance of Habib Bank tower and in near future MCB tower will replace this title from Habib Bank.


     Karachi  is also famous for its educational network. There are a number of schools, colleges and institutes imparting education in the fields of science, arts, engineering and information technology. Many universities main campuses resides in Karachi. It also host number of international university campuses and attracts many overseas students. Some of the well-known universities and institutes include Karachi University, Agha Khan University, NED University, Baqai Medical University, National University, Hamdard University, IBA, Sir Syed University and many more.


     The most of the major banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, corporate houses are based in Karachi. The Industrial areas of the city are SITE, Landhi, Korangi and New Karachi where enormous small, medium and large industrial units are located. Their entire managerial and financial activities are routed through this city. The presence of central bank's head offices is the manifestation of it.

    Karachi Stock Exchange is the biggest trading center of equity and debt securities. The major money market and currency dealer operates from here. The local and shipping companies are also stationed here owing to its status of being a port city. The people from every nook and corner of the country have settled here due to their economic dependence on the city. 


      The Karachi Peshawar highway links the city with the interior of Pakistan, while the Karachi-O'Mara highway extends along the coast. The Karachi to Zahedan highway connects it with Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. Express roads radiate from the city centre, while feeder roads connect the express roads with local streets.

    Karachi is the terminus of Pakistan's railway system, which mainly serves to transport goods between Karachi and the interior.

      There are also passenger trains, as well as a circular railway that skirts the city on the north and the east, for commuter traffic and the transport of goods between the port and the industrial areas.The two main railway stations are the Cantt Station and the City Station.

   Karachi Airport, known as Jinnah Airport, provides international and domestic services. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the national carrier. Aero Asia, Bhoja Air and Shaheen Air are other Pakistani airlines.

     Several international airlines also connect Karachi with the rest of the world. The port of Karachi is one of the busiest east of Suez. A new port, Port Qasim has been constructed with several new facilities for the ships.

Karachi National Stadium
Karachi National Stadium

         Port of Pakistan

Largest Airport of Pakistan
Quaid-e-Azam Airpot
(Jinnah Airport)

Last stop for country

Map Of Karachi
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                       I have written a poetry (MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORIST) for those people which think that muslims are terrorist or fanatic. My poetry is given below:
Muslims are peaceful, I am assuring you,
Muslims are not terrorist it is true.
Terrorists do not belong to any religion,
Destruction is only their mission.
They do not know the value of life,
What is husband, what is child & wife.
Human relations are nothing for them,
To get the money is only their aim.
Peace & love is the Islam's base,
So it never permits to kill in any case.
                        My Motive of making this site is that I want to give information about any topic to every body totally free because there are many people in the world, they think that money is everything. They do not know the values of human being. But my ideas are different. Please you must give my web address to your friends and relatives because it is a really good site for every age of person. In last I will say to all that pray five times in a day regularly, respect your parents and elders, Love your nation, country and culture. Be happy & smile should be regular thing in your life. And also remember me in your prayers because prayers keep power.


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